Your Kroger feedback .com web site doesn't except the information on your receipt. That is why I never answer these type of surveys!

Thought this time might be different.You entry ID# is 620-363-82-93-81-110.

It does not fit in the box.If your going to run a survey you should test the web site better.And then your complaint form is absurd that you need to have at least a hundred words in order for it to have any kind of merit. I find the whole thing to be a big waste of time and highly unfriendly to the consumer who has been shopping with you for over 35 years!Thanks but no thanks, Alan Haddan

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I have tried 2 times. It's a scam, I think. They don't want you to enter, just want your phone number and other personal information.


My entry id doesn’t even have enough numbers to fit in the boxes maybe they should find a new system if they even care


I totally agree with this customer..if u can't make available what u r offering, then don't offer anything in the way of bonuses, etc.

I think your bonus offerings have gotten out of hand..the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing


I've had a problem with the entry id number. I have filled out the survey successfully many times.

However, for the last year or so there is often NO id number given on the receipt. Sometimes it is a partial number. If you are going to have a survey, please correct this problem.

You do have a competitor very close by which I don't go to, but I may start. If you're actually wanting and pushing for a survey, this problem needs to be solvedone NOW.

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #1202369

I also could not find the entry id. ??? Why do they want feedback if you can't answer.


Here is the trick...enter numbers starting at right hand box in sequence as printed on receipt. Then, the blank boxes are filled in as zeros.-Such as 000 000 255 7 180 02


I agree the survey numbers don't always line up with the boxes or are not on the receipt at all. If I knew how te numbers were generated I'd have a better shot at guessing what box to put them in.



I definitely can relate! I called the Kroger in my neighborhood and asked for a manager.

I was told that the manager was too busy. I don't think the managers know that there isn't an Entry ID on the receipt. Why harass the employee by forcing them to give out consumer surveys when you're *** website won't except the entry ID. *** *** ***!

First debit only asks ..

NOW THIS.. U look *** Kroger.


why doesn't your site work even with my password?

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #881825

10/08/2014 - Works fine for me and has for the past year

www.krogerfeedback.com - You should see the Date, Time:, Entry ID: form fields as well as a display of the format as it appears on your receipt.

Everything else at Kroger works well for me too. Friendly people, very clean, very well organized, easy to move through store, rarely have to wait at all at checkout.

5% discount for seniors on Tuesdays. Very fresh produce and priced lower than most competitors all summer.


Being a former employee of Kroger, you should all take into account what a terrible company it is you are supporting. Management that can get away with yelling, berating, threatening you with suspensions and terminations because of simple things like wanting to use the restroom.

They want all employees pushing these survey's, despite numerous in store (and come to find out) online complaints about the entry ID's not working, or just the site in general not working.

Add to that the numerous complaints of never receiving their promised fuel points for said survey. They keep all but the department heads at part time, refuse to give each department the time they are allotted for their weekly schedules to try and save some money for big wigs upstairs, then get irate when you do not have the time or manpower to do your job properly.


If u would type in the web address exactly as it is on your reciept including the www. and so on u would get the correct site. Slow down and pay attention!

to ***aby #1372498

Even on the correct website the id number is still a problem. No id number, no survey.


I think you and Pres Obomination have something in common Your website is a disaster

Mesa, Arizona, United States #733788
I am having a terrible time trying to get into your web site and get my 50 extra fuel points too. I don't think it should be so hard to do.

Last time I did get in but this time it has been impossible so you just give up. :cry
to Dot Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, United States #942882

I agree this is not fun so I wish you'd make it simple it wears me out. I get aggrevated with the clerks now when they take their time to circle your receipt. ugh

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #731818

I agree. I cannot find a web site to get the bonus fuel points.

50 points for taking a survey.

What's the deal? Kroger bs.

Boise, Idaho, United States #730608
oh my gosh I thought it was just me. that I was too ignorant to find the sight.

thank GOD I found this, my self esteem is back in tack. this is the stupidest *** I've come across in along time.

wild freakin goose chase that left me pissed off. :(
Sherman, Texas, United States #715079

The website is ***. Have you no shame trying to scam yor customers.


Try tellkroger.com

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