Wouldn't take my check because it was over 250.00. They said because they are protecting my checking

account.That's my banks job not Krogers. They said I am a preferred coustomer because allot of people don't spend that kind of money. I told them I write checks for more than that at Walmart, Meijers and

Sams club with no problem have never bounced a check. They told me to call coustmer service at

1800-917-6484 I did got a lady India telling me I can only spend 250.00 if I write a check. Will

never shop at Krogers again.NO one tells me how much money I can spend in a store.Goodbye


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Same thing just happened to me. So what they want people to spend money some where else.

I have been writing checks there for years. Not a happy mom.


You do have a debit card don't you? Also you spell customer you ignorant ***.


fine...use your debit card and get hacked ...I don't want to visit a store who can't secure their information. If checks weren't legal, they wouldn't be allowed anywhere. Make sense

to Anonymous #1130280

You don't think your check can be 'hacked' as well? ***, your check has your name, address, phone number, bank name, AND routing and account number on.

You hand the check to the cashier. The debit card you swipe yourself...so who is the *** here?

Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #1064916

Debit cards are hacked all the time. Checks are safer. If the cashier is too lazy to do her job or not smart enough, she needs to work somewhere else


Strange indeed. I buy $500 worth of groceries and they take my check.

Was yours a third party check?

They don't take those. Why didn't you just write TWO (2) checks?


Strange because I work for Kroger and we accept checks for any amount that I'm aware of. It's probably because you all used to many checks in one day or your bank has a limit set so check with your bank as well. Could be local rules for those Kroger as well.

to Anonymous Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #1064915

Banks don't limit what you can spend out of your account unless you're over. Get informed before giving opinions.

to susan #1073753

First of all, there is no need to be rude to previous commenter. Secondly, some banks actually limit how much you can spend...I know my bank, wells fargo, has a daily transaction limit which is set at $5k.

That's not to say that there are other banks out there which arent set to a lower amount. It could also depend on the type of account you have with your bank.

to susan #1154700

That's not true. Many bank accounts have a built in daily limit, or other ones have you choose that as a potential safety feature. You need to get informed.


Had the same thing happen to me on 5/31. At the pharmacy.

been a Kroger customer for more years than I want to remember.

Was not even aware there was a limit.. Until today.

Dearborn, Michigan, United States #855724

Just went shopping at kroger. Before cashier rang me up, I asked if I could use a chk.

She said yes. $254 & some change. Then refused 2 take my chk. All she said was I was over the limit.

I have plenty of money in bank account. I hav even used a chk there before, over $300! "It's the systems fault not ours" came from register girl behind me. Wudnt even look me in the face.

That's all the info I got. Till I looked online, found this!! Now I'm at meijer, 10pm whn I shud b home with my child!!!!! Having to grocery shop all over.


I could've paid cash $5, if that's the new limit!! IF ANYBODY WUDA HAVE SAID SOMETHING UP FRONT, whn I asked "can I use a chk?" Like people like bein out shoppin till midnite!


Kroger implemented a checking computer system that tracks how many checks you've written have cleared. If it's 1st check on system, an amount limit is in place. This way no one can get

$1000 worth of groceries with a check that's going to bounce.


every single cashier that sees you writing a check immediately hates you... get a freaking debit card

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #632566

well it appears they did tell you how much you could spend!!


your bank sets the limits on your checks and if you have spent so much in a single day it will flag the check and we cannot take it.


No retail business has to accept a personal check if they don't want to, since checks are not legal tender. I'd rather do business with a store that doesn't suffer losses from bounced checks, since that store doesn't have to raise their prices to pass along their losses to all of the other customers.

Cash is king. :cry

to te***o #1070653

Wtf are checks? Lol do you get alerts on your beeper wen you use them? Hahahaha

to te***o #1099210

Umm.. Checks are legal tender.

Kroger is the one limiting the checks, not your bank. I shop every day for a business and generally spend about $1000 a week with checks. I am a Preferred Customer and they have still denied our checks several times due to this BS limit. A manager even called their customer service for me.

She was told there was nothing they could do about it.

It's complete ***. I had been doing this daily for 6 months before this started.

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