Powder Springs, GA, USA
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Kroger had a sale on Turkey Hill juice which when I went, they were out of. I went to Kroger on Brownsville Road in Powder Springs, GA.

First, the cashier told me that he couldn't take a raincheck from another store. I told him that wasn't true. He asked another cashier, who told him he could accept it. Then, he scanned items, tried to scan coupons.

He told me that the coupons were expired. I told him that they weren't expired when the rc's were written. He then found another cashier who went to ask the manager, Cliff Mitchell. He told her that he couldn't accept them.

I then ask to speak to him. Finally came down, I asked him why he wouldn't honor rc's, he told me that in his 27yrs of working for Kroger that he's never seen a blue rc issued at Kroger. I asked him, what do you mean? He said that "Kroger only issues green square rc's.

I told him that I got the rc from Kroger just 5 miles down the road, Thornton Rd, Lithia Springs. This freaking numnut tells me that he's going to also call security to let them know that I'm walking around using blue rc's. I then ask him, can you just call Thornton Rd and ask them if they're giving out blue rc's, This idiot wouldn't do it. He again threatened to call security to let them know that he's seeing these blue rc's coming through there.

He told me he wouldn't honor the rc and would not take that loss of product and to take it back to the place that wrote it! I then left, went to Thornton Rd. Get there, cashier would take rc, but then tells me she could only use two of my coupons due to new policy. My rc was for 10 items.

I then said, ok, I'll just pay for the other ones. She then tells me that my coupons were expired!!! I say that they weren't expired when the rc was written. She wouldn't budge.

I said never mind and walked out of the store. I will never shop at another Kroger store ever again in life!!! I have never had a problem with them like this. When you talk to managers, they are clueless!

I absolutely HATE Kroger. I will work at letting everybody know just how idiotic their workers and managers are. Two different stores, same results!!! The gall to tell me that you'll call security to tell them that I'm using a blue *** rc is beyond stupid!!!

Wouldn't even call a store right down the street to verify!! I don't want to steal you *** juice!!!! *** Moron!!!! I've used the same blue rc at your store before ***!!!!

I'm sure corporate won't see this, I hope they do, but know, I nor my family and friends will be using you again. I'm throwing away every *** rc I have and will keep it moving! Don't need them anymore!

Publix has better customer service anyway!! They will never make their customer feel like they are trying to steal something after THEY WROTE THE *** RC!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kroger Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Kroger Cons: Disrespectful and condescending employee.

  • Exceedingly Poor Management
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At the bottom of most kroger receipts there is a survey code. Do the survey mention all people by name.

These surveys comments are seen by All and sent down from corporate to the store.

There is also an option on the survey to check if you wish to be contacted about your issue. This is the most efficient way to get a response



Since you are this upset, send a letter to the regional office for this particular location including everything you wrote in your complaint.

That information is posted on their website.


I called Corporate CS yesterday before I left the store and filed a complaint but will go to website now and do just that. Maybe someone there will see this and get back with me.

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