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For the last year I have hated to shop at the Dunbar WV location because they have very little supplies. It's one thing when the weather is bad, it's another when it's a holiday BUT not once have I been able to go and pick up all of the things on my list and there is no excuse for it.

I stopped going from the 1st of the month thru the 15th as that seemed to be when I couldn't get something as simple as hamburgers. Now it's like I have to make six trips to get a weeks worth of items. This store is sadly the only store in my neighborhood as it is for many. We don't have a choice.

What's the problem with supplies?

This cannot be the only complaint you have as the clerks also endure them.

Close it or make it worth being open. When have you ever not been able to get a saltine cracker in a grocery store ?????

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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