I was Working for the BRAND NEW KROGER'S store on Holland road IN VIRGINIA BEACH VA and i TRAINED AT THE TRAINING CENTER and did every single thing they wanted me to do by the book AND i WENT TO EVERY MEETING AND I also went to every single CLASS then at the last meeting on july 16 i GOT HURT ON MY WAY HOME AND WAS UNABLE TO GO PICK UP MY CHECK right away IN JULY AND when I did THEY SAID THEY LOST IT AND i talked to eveyr one and i do mean wveryone in the training centet and all they gave me was lies and the run around and STILL TODAY i have NO CHECK in my hands JUST THE RUN AROUND I GUESS. They saying they made us learn our SATISFACTION IS YOUR NUMBER 1 PRIORITY IS REALLY ONLY FOR THE CUSTOMER BECAUSE YOU SURE DONT CARE ABOUT SATISFACTION WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR EMPLOYEES unfair unfair unfair unfair unfair

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