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Several months ago i noticed a big change in the flavor of Kroger 80-20 Ground Chuck. I asked the Meat Mgr.

about it & he told they no longer grind their beef. Then i asked where it comes from & he said he does not know & that soon ALL Kroger stores will no longer grind their own to cut down on employees. He also stated he ask his District Meat Mgr.

where it & the Private Selection Meats come from & he does not know either & also they had 12 people in the meat dept as of 10 years ago & today there are only 5.

I now go to Priceless Foods who is owned by Kroger to buy my Ground Beef which is ground fresh daily & has a sticker on it saying it was ground fresh that day. Taste matters ALOT to me & it would be nice to know where it comes from.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meat.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Would that more customers would question the origin of the meat sold in stores now. You can usually tell if the meat in packages is locally ground just by the packaging, for example, ground beef sold in those tubular rolls comes from a large packing facility.

Walmart's meat is almost totally from who-knows-where. Even stores like Meijer, a regional store is trending towards pre-packaged meat.

I don't like the taste, odor or consistency of pre-packaged meat and thus have been buying from local meat markets or small grocery stores in the area. You have a better chance of NOT getting sick from recalled meat if you buy locally cut and packaged meat---notice all the meat recalls recently?

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