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setting on empty, stopped to get gas, and cigarettes. total was $43.01.

they told me they don't accept $50 dollar bills? I walked away, to go to my Kroger. ran out of gas on the way. [3 mile trek.] I called them this morning to require as to why, the manager told me there were a lot of phony dollars going around.

just wanted to thank you, for costing me to have a tow truck to bring me gas, 1 hour of being yelled at by the drivers whom I was blocking. GREAT DAY!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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What kind of an idiot wouldn't accept a $50 for someone trying to do business with them?


Way to accept personal responsibility..... This is what YOU get for riding down to fumes.

Learn to budget like an adult so that you may keep gas in your tank. If cutting off the internet enabled device you used to post this banal rant helps, please do so...


So what do you want Kroger to do about that?

to Anonymous #1608664

NOTHING: Just know there are ways to check the money on the spot.Type your message here

to Anonymous #1609385

So why did you complain about this in the first place? Just to let others know that there are ways to check money on the spot?


okay. And what do you want to happen by complaining?

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