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i when in to krogers store 434 has a customer to buy some last min things for my thangiving dinner and then when i was walking down the dairy department , check on eggs noticed many of the eggs was broken , then the bisquets was open and spread about , then when get pimiento cheese and took one off the shelf it had a dead fly on it , i ask to speak to a manger and one of the asso was belittle me alwbecause she thought that i was trying retaliation on how my son is being harnessed bye the store manger i told i was not doing that

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #632658

i find it odd she goes into great detail about her shopping experience, then quickly mentions something about her son and the store manager... talk about not telling the entire story!!!


i broke the eggs, opened the bisquets, and the dead flys fell off me, my son has been harnessing the store manager, i guess we shoudn have been sirpised to be belittle


No need to be so rude. She was probably so pissed off at Kroger that she didn't care about spelling/grammar errors. Her point was made


Learn some proper grammar. WE don't speak stup1d so we can't understand you.

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