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I've been told by a naturalist that the hard tablets can be harmful to your liver. Your liver can literally take several minutes to break down the tablet.Your liver regards it a poision substance.

You should consider buying softgel vitamins as I did. Much more expensive. It's worth saving your liver from further abuse. Buy from Food City or Walgreens.

Never buy pills from Walmart or Kroger. The liver is the most important part of your body.

There's some statistical clause that any type of over the counter drug is bad for you. That may be true.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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548 clinton ave-w.c.h.-ohio store, meth selling happens in the back lot behins store. store doesnt mind and wont stop it.


How is this a complaint against Kroger? Because they sell "hard pills"?

Facts straight first please.... I know for a fact that Kroger AND Wal-Mart sell softgel varieties of tons of pills!!

And if the hard pill worries you so much, what is stopping for from crushing it up and swallowing? There is nothing that says you can't.


I would think the brain and heart would rank higher for the most important parts of your body!

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