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I should have figured something like this would happen at this Kroger. I ordered a cake with my son who turned 13.

He wanted a tropical theme with water/ocean and islands. The islands were supposed to be small and opposite sides of the cake but you can see that is definitely NOT what we received. So not only was he embarrassed but having a house full of 10,11,12 & 13 year olds making fun of him and the cake was unacceptable!! Family was there and they were upset as well.

But this was just icing on the cake. The store is nasty and dirty. There are only about five employees that are nice, the rest are not just racist but very rude beYond words. And don't get me started about the customers that go there.

Yes I am one once in a while when I'm desperate but I try to get what I need and get out.

I can't tell you how many times I have been in an altercation with other customers in the parking lot because either they were going the wrong way in the parking lot or very lazy and over weight and thought they deserved to park in the handicap parking spaces when clearly they did not have a permit to park there. I definitely could go on and on about this awful awful Kroger on gratiot in Roseville Mi.

Reason of review: inappropriate decorated cake.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Along with a refund I believe the person that decorated that cake should removed from that position!!! Also some compensation for our embarrassment and issues that came from the other kids parents. .

I didn't like: Disrespectful employees, Nasty store, Rude customers, No management, Never go here, Racist employees, Need i say more.

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Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #1342766

You sound like the problem here lady. As for the cake - it's a sandbar.

Get your filthy disgusting mind out of the gutter. You probably egged on your family - "Look what that looks like. .

. " You're a tool.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1340621

I was with you until you started complaining about issues you had with the customers too. If everybody seems like a *** to you, you might want to look inward.

Lincoln Park, Michigan, United States #1270824

it is a skate board!lol

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1252257

So you met and spoke to every single employee? Because you just blatantly stated that they are all racist and rude.

And I agree with the comment below - you accepted and paid for the cake - your problem.

Lockport, New York, United States #1224171

Well, you accepted it from the store bakery, paid for it and took it home. Why didn't you tell the store employee that it was unacceptable?


Have you ever seen the despicable me 2 minions beach party cakes that are made?!?!?! They look just like that one!

Just because you were too cheap to buy the 6 dollar kit that makes it minion themed doesn't mean the person who decorated this cake should be fired or replaced???? It looks like a beach themed cake and it has an island.

If you want something that specific, you need to fork out the cash and go to a real bakery. You're ridiculous.


This is just a Minions Beach Party cake without the Minions. The decorator just couldn't think of anything else to do.

Don't believe me?


It isn't phallic.

You just have a dirty mind. Haha.


I'm sorry but just because you got one island instead of two is no reason to be bad mouthing Kroger. And if you are talking about that the island looks a little like a *** then you are the *** because it only happens to look a little like one.

If you are that emotionally fragile you should seek professional help. Be careful not to eat the tracking chip they put in the icing you big paranoid freak!

Marshalltown, Iowa, United States #1094260

Well, you can safely include YOURSELF in your description of Kroger customers...

Hopefully you learned your lesson here; next time inspect BEFORE accepting, paying for, and using the product. If something is amiss, THAT is the time to complain.


It looks like a *** to me. LOL it's a coming of age cake.

Calhoun, Georgia, United States #1062353

#995188 wedding cake tiers. You ***, they ALL make hardtops for the tiers to sit on.

Every bakery, even on TV. You must not go to many weddings.

How else is the tier supposed to stay UP? I hate idiots.


If the store is as bad as you carry on about its being, why did you order the cake there in the first place. You only have yourself to blame.


I'm embarrassed to admit that my in-laws bought my wife's and my wedding cake from Kroger's in San Antonio. They had placed a hard top on each tier so the cake had to be dismantled in order to cut it. Since it wasn't my dime I kept my mouth shut, but I never did darken their doors again.

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #965263

I've never seen a kid laugh at a cake before, no matter how juvenile it looks. Cake is always delicious!

Second, the island looks like a ***.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia #961755

Sure it's not a pretty cake but you accepted it, you served it to the kids.

Complaining about the behavior of the people in the car park is totally irrelevant to your issue and is not the responsibility of the store.

Be more proactive -you got served a *** cake and you accepted it.

Return it. Bake another, ask a friend to bake one as a favour ask your mother, sister, priest youtube for help.

Coral Gables, Florida, United States #961172

Sorry, but that cake looks like a kindergarten kid decorated. Always go to a bakery, not those so called bakeries in supermarkets.


Perhaps when the temperature of the water cools down the "island" will retract to its Normal position. P.s. Watch out for yellow water near the tip

to Mr k. Rogers #1098254

What do I do if a clear sticky glue type fluid is dispensed out the tip of the "island" in a forceful yet quick squirt?? Will the island fall downward for couple hour nap before it pops up again?

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #949195


The cake is actually from a Despicable Me Too design. It is just missing the Minions and the background.

Poor explanation from consumer to decorator. What one person has in mind is not necessarily explained very well, therefore not executed well.


looks like an odd key to me, much less a ***... ijs

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