On Oct. 9 at about 6:45 p.m.

I purchased two cans of beer at the Kroger Store on E. Market Street in Harrisonburg, Virginia. (I am 69 years old.) The clerk in the most sarcastic voice he could must make negative comments, including "Do you really drink this stuff?" and "Can you say you really like the taste of this stuff?" No one at the customer service counter would say who the manager is.

Finally, they took my name and number and said she would call me. It is three days later and she has made no attempt to.

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First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #794110

Well in a sarcastic tone of voice, say no I don't drink this stuff I am just buying it to frame someone for drunk driving, or I take a bath with it.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #791508

Bottom line - Fry's has gone downhill. They seem to be pushing effort to make the employees super friendly, but corporate is touting stuff that is sneaky.

The people that work at nearby Fry's are terrific. But the new "promotions" are often as unethical as they come. Latest example? "BUY 10 GET 5 FREE" promo.

Right. Read the VERY fine print - you get zip when you buy 10 - everything has to be bought in increments of 15. And it goes from there. I just spent 40 minutes, with 2 different mgrs; both were great people - both were as confused as me when trying to figure out what the heck was on my receipt.

Prices all goofy and not even close to what they'd shown in ad.

WATCH EVERYTHING ON YOUR RECEIPTS - that's the only way you are safe shopping there. Otherwise, you pay whatever they decide you pay, whether it is on their ad or not.

Been going on for a while like this. Pathetic.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #632561

oh!!! the horror and shame....

and then you did not get a call back from the manager to what? say what? what is it you think this manager needs to say to you?

if this brand of beer is truely the brand you prefer why did you not defend your purchase? maybe you are ashamed of the cheap beer you were buying!!!


here is a tissue for you, you poor mistreated cheap *** drunk :cry


I'd just start shopping somewhere else. You should've told the clerk that you weren't going to drink it. Its for the grandkids.

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