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While shopping at the Kroger on Tim Price Parkway, on Wednesday at 6:40 pm, I went to the deli area because I wanted some Authentic Italian Lasagna. While standing there I noticed one of the associates DOING HER HAIR WHILE STANDING IN THE DELI.

I couldn’t believe it, but she was braiding her weave! Another young lady had the back of her hair in the hairnet and the front out. I thought the purpose of a hairnet was to have all hair secured....I could be wrong. The one that was braiding her hair, then picked up some nasty gloves that appeared to have already been worn and placed them on her hands.

She didn’t WASH HER NASTY HANDS AFTER BRAIDING HER NASTY HAIR. To be totally honest, she was very unprofessional.

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So What did you do after all of this happened other than posting on this website? Did you Speak to the store manager about this?

to Anonymous #1565764

No, I didn’t. I unfortunately was pressed for time on that day and didn’t desire to hunt the manager down.

I was disgusted with what I saw, so I decided to leave.

I’m sure there was a department lead assisting at the time of the braiding incident and she saw the hair hanging from under the other young ladies hairnet, as well, yet nothing was done. What I saw assured me this was common practice with those that were servicing customers at that time......again, I could be wrong.

to Anonymous #1566635

So What do you Expect Kroger to do about this problem since you Did Not tell a manager or the department lead?

to Anonymous #1571874

Call or email corp. Kroger & complain. A health issue!

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