1. Do we make fun of some of your purchases? Yes. Yes we do.

2. Want to get us angry? Ask for paper in plastic. We make it as heavy as possible.

3. When you have an extremely full cart, I will go get another one for you. This is to shorten your wait. I have never once been thanked.

4. If you are 65 or older, and drive a car as old as you, you give me a better tip for helping unload your groceries than the 25 year old in the 2011 Audi who asked me to help them unload because they took up two carts. Why is that?

5. No, I can't get you your cigarettes.

6. We close at 5 on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Deal with it.

7. Our least favorite days of the year? The day before and of major holidays. Our favorite? The day after.

8. Please don't get mad at me when you see I bagged everything in plastic when you had reusable bags. As soon as you get in line, give them to me.

9. If I'm getting carts from outside, and I have 6-8 large carts, and am struggling with them, please don't give me a small cart.

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To the employees who want to publicise rants and greivances about their job and the "customers that make their life miserable."
1) Nobody is forcing you to work for Kroger or any other employer, for that matter.
2) All work scenarios include unpleasant aspects and we all have to deal with them. If we didn't, none of us would have a job.

I can't think of a job that only involves the agreeable elements.
3) Without customers, you wouldn't have a job. Businesses simply don't succeed without customers. It is inevitably part of your to find a way to handle unpleasant aspects of dealing with customers, and no one else's.
4) There are jobs, many, many, that are vastly more unpleasant than bagging groceries.

There are much more difficult and much higher paying jobs than bagging groceries—some paying much more and requiring significant skills. Those with these jobs likely had to learn skills at worse jobs in order to handle their current occupation. It's called "paying your dues," and we all have to do it.
5) Please examine, with complete honesty, why you work as a grocery bagger at Kroger. There are plenty of people who wish they had such a stress-free job, but can't afford such a luxury—like waiting tables, for example.

They make about $2.10 hr plus tips, which are entirely dependent upon their ability to handle nasty customers and bosses in bad working conditions. 6) Your complaints sound incredibly petty and superfluous—give me a break. Are customers sexually harassing you? Do you have to remain pleasant to customers/coworkers who insult you, use derogatory language or physically threaten you?

Has a supervisor forced you to clean up *** and spongebathe a customer as retribution for deflecting inappropriate advances? No? You've got a dream job. 7) If you can't handle having to put paper bags inside plastic bags upon request, without getting bent out of shape your going to struggle all your life.

Your job is one often handled like pros, with pride and expertise, by members of the learning disability community, across America who smile the entire time. what exactly is your dysfunction? 8) If you cannot handle any job, as if your behavior and resilience to deal with sometimes difficult scenarios on occasion, with the knowledge you make it or break it by each and every interaction, you aren't operating in the best interest of your employer and have no business at that business. Do everyone a favor and leave the opening for a more deserving and ambitious employee.

Now! 9) You might benefit by observing people thankful to with at any job in America. Those ego are lucky enough to have immigrated from another country where jobs she opportunity were very rare, and education very very difficult to get. Notice their smile, attitude and willingness to excel—even at jobs like bagging groceries.

Get to know on be off these people. You'll likely be very surprised to learn they may have been a surgeon, company president or school principal in the country they left to come to America. Why are they so cheerful as a dishwasher or grocery bagger?

Ask them, you'll be surprised and hopefully for your own benefit, consider yourself exceptionally lucky to be on the receiving end of such wisdom. Cherish the moment.

By the way, in addition to what I just now posted. I work a much, much better job now, where I make at least 15 BUCKS AN HOUR A LOT EVEN MORE THAN WHAT I USED TO MAKE AT KROGER!!!

I get a lot of GREAT BENEFITS where I am currently working that I never got working in the grocery business!!! I could certainly see some people liking Kroger, but I don't feel the least bit bad about not doing well with that job, because I understand it's not for everybody.


I worked at a Kroger here in Louisville, Kentucky, for 9 years. It was really so hard on me that I had to leave.There were a lot of things I had a very hard time handling, but the thing that was the hardest on me was that per the "union contract" you absolutely HAD to be available to work both NIGHTS and WEEKENDS as well as holidays.

I know everybody's different, but I personally like the kind of employment which is strictly weekday work shifts and that only. Having to work a lot of Saturdays and Sundays interferes with other activities that I like to be spending that time doing.

I don't like the kind of work schedule that constantly fluctuates all the time. I tried to get them to listen about this, and they wouldn't budge about it, one of the reasons I left, although I'm pretty sure it's not the store management's decision, it's a union thing.


The pay is horrible in Texas $7.65 when they make millions. Poor older people they take advantage of all the time who work very hard and all they pay them is $7.65 wich is below poverty level.

They are a disgusting Company that every customer should know how they treat our older generation. They are only trying to make ends meet and have food to eat SHAME ON YOU KROGER

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1240173

1. Who cares if you make fun?

I certainly don't. Make fun all you want, your opinion doesn't matter to me.

2. I've never asked for paper in plastic, so if one or two customers ever ask you, by all means make their shopping trip more miserable by making their bags heavy (nice attitude).

3. I always say please and thank you, and I would thank you for getting me an extra cart.

So for those who haven't, THANK YOU.

4. Most older customers know what it is to work, and appreciate your help, and thus tip better. While most young people are spoiled, self-entitled beings who don't know what hard work is, and thus are cheap. (since you like to generalize)


I've never smoked, so no worries with me. You're welcome.

6 & 7. I don't shop on Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, the day before Christmas, Christmas day, nor the day after Christmas, so again no worries with me. You're welcome.

8. I bring reusable bags and help the bagger bag the items. It's the least I can do. You're welcome.

9. I return carts to their rightful place inside the store or at the cart returns. I also have helped the cart retriever with carts. You're welcome.

I hope this has helped you clear some things up. If you don't like your job, then I suggest you get one you do like.

No sense in being miserable your entire life. Lesson learned.

to aliens_amoung_us #1590869

Exactly . I normally tip if I can , and sometimes too much .

Also it's not fun to have heavy bags that break and you can't lift them .

Also the ones that make fun are insecure brats . You really shouldn't treat people like that because you don't know if that's their last day alive or not

Sevierville, Tennessee, United States #1208000

Amen brother I work at a local convenient store and this happens to me all the time


Here is one: if you bring a cart inside with you, take that mother trucker back out. I never understand why people can bring a *** cart inside the store but refuse to take it back out.

You have to walk right by the *** cart drop.

Also, STOP YOUR CART ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE AISLE YOU ARE SHOPPING ON FOR GOD'S SAKE. You are RUDE as *** when you take up the entire aisle so no one can get around you.


Enjoy slaving away on minimum wage for the rest of your life. That's what you get for not paying attention in school, kiddo!

to Anonymous #1082258

Vast majority of baggers are high school students looking to make money. Now, you probably never worked a day in your life and had mommy buy everything, correct?

to Anonymous Norcross, Georgia, United States #1250015

Get out of mom & dads garage, go get a job! Then come back and tell us how it went.


A couple things not mentioned:

-it's not the baggers fault if we don't have your favorite type of canned olives, that's up to corporate.

-If you ask the bagger to get something for you, don't decide you don't want to wait and just ***. Chances are they know the store really well and will take less than two minutes.

Then they come back pissed off that you wasted their time.

-Shopping carts are NOT trash cans. Please don't leave half eaten food in there cause quite frankly that's disgusting and we don't wanna touch a strangers food any more than you do.

-When we are on the lot, we are NOT cars.

We are pedestrians, and stopping is very difficult when your pushing 5 or 6 times your own weight in carts. Please don't walk/drive infront of us in this situation.

-Please don't grab a cart unless you know you need it.



Toledo, Ohio, United States #1026944

This "article" is pure ***. I'm a bagger myself and never once do I come in with this whiny entitled attitude.

You are paid to put an item in a bag, that's it. You are supposed to bag how the customer wants it and help them to your car. That is your job position, you shouldn't expect a tip for loading groceries into a car, nor should you get mad when a customer wants paper bags, so quit being such a *** about this whole thing.

Maybe if you just act like a normal human being and talk to people you won't get put in odd situations. Look at their cart and see if they have bags, tell them you can't take the extra cart when you are already pushing others.

Also unless you are a girl you should be doing more than 6 carts.

If you have the strap, fill it to the max, and you can also throw extra carts on the end.

At least be doing 10. I'm a very small guy, like 5'4 and super skinny, and 10 is certainly doable.

to Anon #1128533

You're obviously not a bagger. I'm sorry but if you actually are a bagger then you have dealt with a mean and just obnoxiously rude customer at least once.

I recall one time a lady want help unloading her cart and instead of asking me to unload her cart she just looked at me and pointed to her groceries.

Some people are terrible.

And also in regards to the previous comment he said he was pushing 5-6 TIMES his weight not 5-6 carts.

Go eat d***s a**hole

to Anon #1131714

I do 13 *** and I'm a girl. Beat that!

to Anon #1361002

I don't advise doing too many carts. Pushing too heavy loads could end up damaging your hips, knees, or back.

It's not worth it.

You're going to be working the whole shift. Pace yourself and don't sacrifice your health.

to Anon #1590875

I would like to stop using plastic bags , so he should get used to it . Plastic bags will be a thing of the past hopefully .


Is it ok to push carts for 3 or more hours straight? Or is that just abuse, specially in the hot weather?

to Anonymous #1026946

Don't do 3 hours straight. It's not abuse, but it will get to you. Do like an hour, or hour 30 max.

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