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I was ripped off by Kroger’s so called savings of by 6 and get the special deal.

The first product didn’t ring up correctly because it’s not mathematically possible to get the price they are advertising regardless of the number.

The second was for some soda. As long as you buy I’m qualities of 6 they should be $.99 each for 2 liters. And I did do that exactly.

But when I bought one random item from two other products in the store that just happened to be participating in the buy 6 deal, this is where things went wrong. I didn’t want or need the higher number and was willing to pay full price for each item since I didn’t qualify. But Kroger comes up with a way to screw you and steal your money.

Instead of charging me full price for the two random products, they charged me full price for 12 if the 2-liter soda. When I pointed that out to the manager they didn’t care nor would they correct. Just that it’s my fault.

They also had some pork chops marked down by over $3.00 with a big yellow sticker. I took a picture but the manager didn’t want to see it. And both the clerk and manager wouldn’t refund the difference.

Their electronic coupons didn’t ring up even though they had been added to my account, or at least that’s what I was told. Instead two of this Kroger’s management staff told me that it wasn’t possible that if I had done everything correctly that their system would make any mistakes.

These managers didn’t care at all about any of the mistakes that I pointed out were just that, mistakes. I was willing to work with them and instead they were rude, and dismissive of me as both a disabled person and a woman.

The fact that I’ve had a complaint form issued to Kroger’s corporate for more than a week and no response. I’ve also tried to call every other day and you can’t get through.

This is clearly a bait and switch type operation. This store advertised one price and wouldn’t give that price or charged a higher price. To make matters worse they also insulted me over and over. I left crying.

The two men who hanged up on me that claimed to be management shouldn’t be. If you treat customers with such disrespect and basically call them a liar when they present evidence, they shouldn’t be working with customers at all.

I would love to show Kroger corporate my evidence if I could. But I am starting to wonder if this is the game. Advertise low prices and rip off customers. When they try and complain make it impossible. If anyone can let Kroger corporate know that I’m trying to reach them. Kroger can find me in the list of complaints.

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"Everything On Sale Or With A Coupon" You know, many paranoid people refuse to sign up for the Krogers rewards card. they don't want there being a record of them buying ice-cream, so they gladly pay more to remain anonymous.

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