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The I-wireless policy regarding your expiration date on your prepaid airtime is to subtract any time you have left when you add additional airtime. Any unused minutes will roll over but not expiration time forcing you to either use them or let them pile up.

I contacted I-wireless regarding this and they politely explained to me that this information is on the back of airtime cards. They could not however explain to me why this information is not disclosed before or during the purchase of the phone or the service. An airtime card is not required when the initial purchase is transacted.

This information is purposely withheld and you do not find out until you have already purchased their phone, which can't be used with any other service, and activated their service, which lures you in with free minutes to get started. In my opinion, the act of purposely not disclosing this information prior to the purchase is perpetrating fraud upon the consumer.

Review about: Kroger Prepaid Card.

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I had the Moto e phone the store manager told me they have no more I Wireless phones in now so I had no phone my moto ph stop working

Los Angeles, California, United States #1077885

Arizona market bad ladonoo is the worst at customer service all the kroger or I Wireless phone take them off the shelf Attorney General of Arizona this company has rip to many people off


These phones should me taken off the shelf

Mansfield, Ohio, United States #973186

They keep changing the experation date on my phone so Thatcher Lose my money that in my account.

Boise, Idaho, United States #944990

It was great until they changed the 3 month rolling plan to monthly plans.

Phones are terrible, low quality and with very old Android OS (4.1 max)

I moved to www.republicwireless.com and got a MotoX 2nd Gen (android 4.4.4) for $400 and a $25 contract with unlimited data,text,voice!! They also have Moto E with Android 4.4.4 for $90!!

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #888421

Took forever to port #, then ripped me off left and right by erasing my minutes (even though I clicked on the correct buttons for making sure I was adding to my minutes, not starting new plan) and gave me HALF of data I paid for! In fact, they don't even have a plan with the amount of data they gave me.

The app doesn't work, so if you want to pay by your Kroger iwireless phone, you have to use your minutes (or someone else's, if you're out of minutes), in order to buy minutes. Unheard of! Most companies let you call to pay for free. Won't let me change my password, so I have one ANYONE could figure out that they give to everyone to start.

Can't change it online, although it lets me enter a new one, with nowhere to click to process the change. I don't need a $35 Sprint plan, because I just need an emergency/urgent call when out phone. Too late to return phone. Cost me a lot of minutes to call Kroger iwireless, whenever I had an issue.

Took talking to 5 different people just to get my service going initially.

A family member has been ripped off, as well, as far as data goes. The only reason to go through all of this is if you feel the need to punish yourself with wasting money and many hours/days/weeks of time, being extremely ripped off, and still never getting what you've ordered or paid for.

Beckley, West Virginia, United States #806115

Ive got the free phone through I wireless if you get a text message and don't open it to read it it takes a minute whether you look at it or not I put some money on the account and got to checking it that would take a nickel here dime their when I rodent use it I called ask about it that refunded my money and take twice as much the next time till finale that had taken the five dollars that was on my account a bunch of crooks and the text messages how can that charge you for them when you don't even read them take your money and minutes so that can sell you more. LIKE SAID A BUNCH OF CROOKS SUPPOSED TO BE HELPPING THE POOR *** THEIR TRYING TO MAKE US POOR BASTARDS :?

Newport Beach, California, United States #688086

I have 200 minutes on my cell phone-which got wet-doesn't work. Need to know how to get the minutes transferred, and continue with service.

Can't call 611 - any 800 number goes to Iowa - I am in CA.

I also lost 500 minutes initially because I didn't know I had to pay every three months even with minutes...help would be so great. Newport


I have the HTC One S from iwireless. Had the phone for 31 days. My complaint is with picture messaging.

Since I bought the phone, I have not been able to do picture messaging. I have been in the store a few times, they check the settings and tell me everything should be right and I'm sent on my merry way.

The last time I went they called the service department and opened up a support ticket on my phone.

The service department called me today, keep in mind I was using my girlfriends phone (Which is also iwireless).

So they had me mess with the wireless settings on the phone. They told me shut my phone off and turn it back on. While on the phone with them (with an iwireless phone) my phone would not get service, as in it did not recognize them as the carrier anymore.

They told me there was an outage in my area.

I told them, there can't be an outage because I'm on the phone with you on an iwireless phone. They proceeded to tell me that there was an outage and that they would have to call me back. Then they hung up.

I can't return the phone because of a 30 day policy, so I'm stuck with a $600 dollar phone that doesn't work.

Any advice?


Germantown, Maryland, United States #610397

Overall, it hasn't been a bad experience except for one thing. The phone I bought is a total p.o.s.

It's the LG whatever, and although we've owned LG phones through TMo for years, it's obvious that when LG makes phones for prepaid companies, they sure don't bother to put the workmanship into them that they do for phones that will be subject to "real" phone plans. That's just too bad, but I feel it reflects on LG and not I-wireless. However, the phone DOES function well enough that I plan to give it to my 11 yr old as his "first" cell phone. The only problem I have with it is that if I am running too many apps and then a call or text comes in, the phone locks up and has to have a hard reset done before it will work again.

Since I don't anticipate him running apps like I do, or doing as much calling or texting, he shouldn't have this happen as often as I do. Really, it only happens once or maybe twice a week. It's an annoyance, not a world-ending crisis, lol. As for I-wireless themselves, it's been easy going.

I always have a ton of minutes, I have just enough data, etc. We plan on dropping our month to month plan and just using the free minutes (we buy enough in groceries, trust me) when my son takes over the phone. He shouldn't need to get online with the phone, or if he does, he will be at home and can use our home Wifi connection to do it for free. All in all, it's been a pretty positive experience.

The rest of us will be using Virgin Mobile-reviews say their phones are a little more sturdy, otherwise we'd all stay with I-wireless. C'est la vie. Oh, and yes, I read both the TOS online before I ever bought the phone, and then again after I purchased the package.

Never hurts to be informed. Or to present your opinion using punctuation, grammar, and clear, concise, sentences.


:( OMG i got this iwireless phone from kroger and it broke just a few days later! all tht money wasted on a sucky *** phone never again shall i trust them with a phone plan!!!! :x


the kroger i-wireless service sucks they dont know how to take care of the customers problems i called them to fix my texting and the other things wrong with my phone that ive been having trouble with for the past few months that they tryed to fix and didnt i asked them to credit me my money back for atleast a month they said we cant do that and i also asked for them to credit me a free month because all the issue i was having and sense i payed for it they also said they couldnt do that because its in the policy and they wont be able to do nothing to help with it because they have tryed and i supposably said it fixed it but i never told them it did sooo they just plan out suck sooo i wouldnt recommened them to no one

to steve #601655

yeh.......i agree with you steve :eek :p

to steve #601657

:? has anybody got the HTC HERO,SAMSUNG REPLENISH,OR THE ZTE WARP cause im thinkin about getting one but i want to know which plan and service is better :? :cry :x :eek ,) 8) :) :grin :roll

to courtneylewis702 #601658

please tell me in a comment or somethin?? :? :sigh

to courtneylewis702 #764088

I bought my daughter the zte warp 2 months ago and it doent work anymore. I called costumer support and they said they would send me a return package to send them the phone so they can try and repair it or send me a new one.

I been waiting two weeks for the return package. i'm glad i turned the auto plan renewal off seeing am about to be billed another month even though my phone doesnt work.

to courtneylewis702 #803288

ZTE Warp sucks!! Had a new one for 1 week.

Had tons of problems with it had to send to manufacturer since iwireless won't fix their phones. Iwireless just sucks all together...go elsewhere for cell phones.


The rollover gimmick also applies to data packs. I had 98 mb left, so I thought I would get ahead of the situation and order an additional 1000mb data pack.

I got my 1000mb, but lost my remaining 98mb.

They responded that there is a 1000mb cap on minutes in a plan. What a bunch of cheap knottheads!


I have been my shopping to earn my points for the free mins for sum. Time the points are not moveing at all its been like this for a month


Sucks. Every other day my phone says digital roaming and I can't send or receive calls or texts. > :(

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