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yes today shopping with digital coupons which I hate, but after I do all this crap and get to the store you are all out. they were they detergent ones and was so disappointed.

they told me they were there but couldn't get to them maybe later on tonight. really I want to go twice? just about done done with krogers as the last 3 times for digital coupons on detergent always wiped out. buy extra and have enough for your ad Shrug I love krogers but when you don't have what you advertise then that's not good, I spend a lot of money there just look up my card.

iam no one special just want the items when iam there. once again now more words what a bunch of run around.


I didn't like: Dont have the digital stuff u advertise.

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thank you for making the complaint i was about to...regularly out of the item i want---or flavor, etc


The mega deals include detergent. So were you getting the mega deals?

Because many customers Do buy Several of the mega deals, which means that Kroger's supply of detergent at any particular location is quickly wiped out. So your complaint could easily be with the customers who buy Several mega deals.

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