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Walked store for hour , went to register meats were all 699 in the meat Dept to hen they are 799 at register they do this with alot of products .I added the single paper towels up and unless you are stupid it would be less to buy three single rolls than the three package.

*** off I will walk over to the HEB

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I know what you are talking about, that has happened to me many times. Many of the rich people who refuse to use loyalty cards are coupons, also refuse to say anything when they are overcharged for something, because they are afraid that it will make them look cheap and worried about money.

So stores make alot of extra money off of these people who are too proud to say anything. And as far the paranoid people who don't want to use a loyalty card, there is no great conspiracy out there where someone is keeping track of what you buy. Who cares?

Unless you are purchasing a bunch of items to manufacture *** I don't see why you would care that there was a record of your purchases. Nobody cares what you buy, they have more important things to worry about than that.

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