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I Went Grocery Shopping Yesterday At Krogers Uscan And Bag I Felt Eyes Watching Me,But I Continued Shopping Anyway As I Went To The Fast Checkout The Employee Came Over And Check to see if i Scanned My ***,He Has Told me That He Had To Scan 18 Items But He Scanned My Whole Cart To See If I Stolen Something. Customers Waiting In Lines Didn't Say A Thing I was So *** Upset Told The Employee That I'am Going To Leave And He Told Me That He Was Almost Finished And Told Him That He Better Place All My Groceries Back Like I Had Them. Really Feel That I Was Racially Profiled.

Reason of review: Racial Profiling..

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I'm really sorry this happened to you! I've worked at Kroger's before and know stores very, but this was way beyond anything acceptable! It sounds like to were profiled to me as well, and though I no longer work there and HATE them, it still sounds to me like it was the employee being an idiot and, therefore, an ass.


That is one of the strangest writing styles I have encountered.

Capital letters are only required for proper nouns and the first word of each sentence. They may be used in some contractions or abbreviations such as "Mr."

Next time, don't bother with the self scanner and let Mr. Profiler do the work he seems so fond of handling himself.

I saw a living fly buzzing around inside the box of a sealed cake at Kroger once.

to Jawson #1378834

Listen I write What I Like Live With It.

Versailles, Kentucky, United States #1356586

I hate those fast checkout self serve lanes. Something always goes wrong.

If they can pay an employee to stand and watch you scan, then they can pay them to run the register and open another line. I always get charged more than sale price listed on a few items, so I make them fix it. I also use coupons, which the machine gets confused about.

I now just stand in line and deal with the cashier. I too, get frustrated, and I am white.

Houston, Texas, United States #1355199

Any update, OP?

to Anonymous #1378827

no Updates as of Today!

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1349951

It's So Sad People Like You Always Say Immature Things Like This First Of All I really Don't need to Justify A Thing To you And You Must Be White!!!!

People Like You Gives African Americans A Bad Name Think that You Know Everything And You Don't Know A Thing About Me, And You Must Be Associate For Krogers Or Work For The Corporate Office Trying to Make Krogers Look Good And It Don't just Show How Ignorant you Are Baby Have A Great Day!


HATE it when people cry the race card! Seems like you are insecure in your own skin and think everybody's out to get you. Get rid of the chip on your shoulder and maybe you'll lead a happier life :)

to Rebekah Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1353671

First And Far Most Chick You Don't Know Me And I Beg The Differ That You Seem Agitated About this Whole Thing,Why Is This You Trying to Get Free Groceries Or Something Step Back Look At Yourself Very Petty!

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1347470

Sad to say, you were profiled. It's disheartening to have to have that kind of radar that gets tripped- on by feeling eyes on you that radar never lets you down but the cashiers will by believing their doing there job by harassing you.

Take it to the next level by finding out what you can do as a human being who does not condone this antiquated treatment. Racial profiling is seen as crying wolf and being swept under the carpet.

It's an intrusive and demoralizing act. Sanctioned by many store owners and managers.

to Belinda Bednarski Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1353672

I really See that People That Look For Attention Don't Know a Thing About Racial Profiling Thank You!


Really! Get a life!

Drop the profile bit! I've been to Kroger and they constantly watch what you are or aren't scanning--as they should because alot of people don't scan all their items.

to Anonymous Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1344086

Well They Shouldn't think that every Shopper Doesn't do that i scan everything that i place in my bag. That Wasn't right plus i use to work at the one one Finneytown.

to Anonymous #1378838

Just Stop Trying to Look Good Because You're Not,You Try And Get A Life And Stop Looking For Sympathy.

Winder, Georgia, United States #1343784

Stores are to cheap they don't want to Pay cashiers so they put customer to work. Since the Customer is saving the company so much money you should get 10 percent discount

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1343797

That is up to Kroger Senior Management.The cashier is getting paid.What makes you think that the cashier is not getting paid?Would you work as a u scan attendant for free?That does not make any sense.Perhaps you should contact Kroger Senior Management and tell them that every customer who uses u scan should get a 10% discount.

to Anonymous Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1344090

I really Do Agree And That Should not of happened.

Houston, Texas, United States #1343517

Customers are known to not scan everything in their cart when they check out at the u scan.Have you contacted Kroger Corporate Headquarters about this?You can get their address on their website, and mail a letter to them stating what posted regarding this complaint of yours.

to Anonymous Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1343775

Sorry i haven't but i will thank you.

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