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How do I reset option to receive text updates?

I accidentally opted out of receiving text updates for pick up orders. How do I reverse that option so that I can receive texts?

1 answer
Melanie Cooper
According to Kroger FAQs, you should text “HELP” to 99006 and get assistance with receiving messages.

Buying State run lottery tickets

by Keelia

I shop at Kroger in Pickerington Ohio. I buy my food there and you have a liquor store at that location so I buy my liquor there too.

Liquor stores are run buy the State and so is the Ohio lottery. So why is it that I put cash on my Kroger gift card and can buy liquor but i'm not allowed to buy lottery tickets? And what makes matters worst i'm refused a refund on my card balance to buy lottery tickets.

This doesn't make any sense. Do you want to run away your customers?

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where do I submit a complaint?

by Daneisha

I am wondering where I can submit a complaint about a specific Kroger store in Indiana. Would you please give me the email address so I can send my concerns.......Thanks......Vicki

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I bought batteries in my store a week ago i got the wrong thing and dont have my reciept can i still return them

by Meagon

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