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Kroger King Soopers in Pueblo, Colorado has been selling these lids from JACENT MERCHANDISING for a couple of years at the cost of $1.99 per pack of two. The previous batch as least fit cat canned food; the NEW batch fits NOTHING. That's a lot of plastic that has NO shelf life.



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Take a look at the packaging and see where the lids are manufactured. I suspect they are i some foreign land, eg., Thailand, China or other far east locale.

If so, then perhaps the manufacturer misunderstood the specifications from Kroger and, instead of making the lids to fit American cat food products, they instead dusted off an old lid product that only will fit Asian felines---and, as we all know, the cats in Asia tend to be much larger, thus requiring larger portions and cans than we find here in North America.

Or, you can just stop purchasing the lids and cover opened cat food cans with some plastic wrap. Just a thought.

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