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I am a senior customer that has shopped at Krogers all my life. Recently there seems to a movement afloat at your stores to change your image.

What I see and feel is forcing me to do much of my shopping else where. Branded products are disappearing and are being replaced by KROGER house branded packaging.

You have not carried Soy Silk Vanilla Light,

Brooks Chili base, the deli counter now only carries one brand of meat kicking out the price competitive brands ( monopoly), and no manager is ever present to esquire about what is going on. I now have to shop at Walmart, Target and Fresh Market to fill my shopping list.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I think Sam Walton said this" consumers vote with their wallet", so shop where you get what you want, i encourage everyone to do that and not fret over these things


I agree with you. And many times the store brands are of inferior quality too.

One time I bought some store brand razors and they were crap and had to be thrown away because you couldn't even shave one time with them. So much for savings.

I should have taken them back for a refund, but didn't want to bother with it. I should have taken them back and let them try them out shaving for themselves, and then they would have probably discontinued them.


I heard that many people are now shopping somehwhere else other than Kroger, since Kroger doesn't allow Transgender and Transexual persons to use the bathroom of their choice.


If you complain to Kroger corporate, they will just forward your complaint to the local store manager who may or may not get back to you. Even if he does, however he has no control over this---like Meijer, corporate tries to control everything leaving the local store manager with little power to change anything or serve customers.

My biggest complaint with Kroger, Meijer and other chains is the loud, obnoxious "music" they insist on blaring out of loudspeakers, making it very difficult on concentrating on shopping. We have changed our shopping preferences to visit local, small grocery stores, etc. rather the the chain store nonsense. Much better customer service; friendlier personnel along with people who actually know something about the products they sell; and not as frightfully loud.

I suggest you do the same. Bottom line: Kroger and the other chains really don't care what you or I think so why spend your money there?


Kroger is now the worse grocery chain. Less and less brand items that are not Kroger.

Rude customer service.

Dried out fruit and vegetables. New name Ghetto.


And your point is,? Kroger can do whatever they want, they do not have to justify their actions and if you are that upset then who cares, I sure as *** don’t and what does you being a senior customer have to do with it?


This is due to Kroger Corporate Headquarters.Your complaint is with Kroger Corporate Headquarters.So you need to contact Kroger Corporate Headquarters.However, I doubt anyone from Kroger Corporate Headquarters actually reads this website.So that means you will have to send them a letter.Their contact information is found on their website.

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