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Good morning 10 18 2018 I I'm at the lot parking lot on Memorial and Columbia Drive I arrive 10 minutes before 6 which I had look up the website or what time they open I sit in my car in the parking lot 6 a.m. arrived and I noticed a worker couldn't even get in 8 minutes after 6 I seen two guys get out of that car one walk across the parking lot and the enter the door so at that time I got out of my car as well when I got to the door and ask them what time they open I know that supposed to open at 6 a.m.

I I asked them did they work there they said yes but we can't let you in because we don't have any cash by that time the security guard came up and said ma'am we can't let you in we don't have any cashier my response was you need to take your website down are arechange your hours how can you have a grocery store in the neighborhood saying one thing and not doing what the policy say that's a problem the thing is 15 after 6 a.m. and you still can't go in the store

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Your response that they need to change the site will go a long way once that guard (maybe an undercover boss) changes out of their uniform and sits in the board room up in some tower...{sarcasm font} Your comments shows what was waste of air meat bag you are. If they can't open up, they can't open up.

That's it. Find another store or wait and get a life in the meantime.

What kind of useless eater has time or the notion to sit in their car and post a complaint live. Let met guess, you live with 20 cats.


I understand you want to get your shopping done at 6 in the morning, but come on now. Why would a store policy account for human error?

I mean they're not robots, they are humans too. They get sick, are late, etc just like everyone else. Also, people who work on the front end come in at 6am themselves, and that's just self checkout.

An actual register doesn't open til 7am. So, calm down, the world doesn't revolve around your schedule.


I hear you. I like to go grocery shopping early in the morning as well. I guess that the person that was post to be working there had stayed up watching the late movies and overslept.

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