I was approaching the entrance to Kroger at 1:30 on Sunday 05/20/12.

I stepped from the lot on to the sidewalk and walked into a long wire hook hanging from the ceiling ,the hook hurt my left eye.The hook was there with nothing on it. Later Korger told me it was there for hanging basket on it.

My eye was bleeding with so much pain. One lady who was behind me helped me to the service desk and explained every thing to Manager.

The Manager called 911 and they took me to emergency hospital.

The emergency checked my eye and they said I had tow scratches on my cornea and also they said I was very lucky to save my eye. they asked me to go to spacilist right away.

I took off from my jub and I went to the Doctore. The doctor is treating my eye now.

I had to *** from my work and lost many work, plus having so much pain in my eye.

I recieve many bills due to the neglegent of the Korger.

Review about: Kroger Manager.

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College Park, Maryland, United States #1237327

Maybe you should pay attention to where you walking


Really? Should've watched were you were walking.

I hope you get sued for being so ***. I wish people like you would die.

Spring, Texas, United States #911596

Did the wire scratch your brain too?

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #632617

yes, it appears the wire did leave a nice scratch on the outside of your eye.... however, your cornea is not on the outside and with my naked eye i can not detect any redness to the eye ball. in fact from where the wound is and your comment, the injury is to your brain!!!


If your complaint is legit, sue them for your pain and suffering.

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