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Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you to share the disappointing experiences I had with your company today. I have shopped at Fry's Food store #124 for well over one year and I've never had an experience quite like I had today. I attempted to purchase alcohol at the location and when the clerk checked my ID, she then proceeded to record the information from my driver's license to include my drivers license number and also asked me to sign a form. I am well above the minimum legal age to purchase alcohol and have never in over 15 years of being of legal age to purchase alcohol have never had anyone record my drivers license number or require a signature to make a purchase of such items.

I objected to having my information recorded and signing to make the purchase and requested a manager's assistance. The front end manager was called and she advised me that it is the store policy to record driver's license numbers and require signatures for alcohol purchases due to the store's proximity to Arizona State University. I found this to be ridiculous, as I purchase alcohol at this location at least once per week and with the amount of alcohol for sale at this store, it is unseemly that they would require and actually do this for all alcohol purchases. I then asked for the store manager's (Joe employed since 1982) assistance and he did come over. He dismissed my concerns as store policy and told me that if I don't like it then I don't have to make the purchase. I reminded Joe that I am a regular customer and invited him to run my club card to see the business I do with the company. He said that it doesn't matter how much money I spend and that they need to record the information for their records.

I advised him that I did not want to make the purchase and asked that they remove my information from their log. Mind you, I had no objection to presenting my ID, as I understand that this is the law and the employees are doing their job. My objection was having my drivers license number recorded in their log, as it is not necessary to record my personal information in this manner and recording driver's license numbers is not required by merchants under Arizona law. I am very disappointed at the dismissive treatment I received from the store's management.

I then proceeded to contact Fry's customer service at 800-576-4377 and spoke with "Karie" a "specialist. I asked Karie for the both of your email addresses. She advised that she has a complaint form and offered to take the complaint from me. I advised her that I want my complaint to be made directly to Jon Flora and again requested his email address. I then asked for Karie's supervisor, whom she said is named "Tara". I asked for Tara's last name for my records and she refused to provide it. I then asked if she could transfer me to Tara and she told me she was not avialable. I then asked to be transferred to any supervisor and she told me that none were available. I then asked for Tara's email address, so I could address my concerns directly with her and she refused to provide the information, then disconnceted the call.

I then called the Fry's office at 623-936-2100. The receptionist advised that everyone had gone home for the day and she offered to transfer me to Kroger customer service, which she did. The receptionist at the Fry's office was courteous and helpful. Upon being transferred to Kroger customer service I spoke with "Howard Thomas". I asked for his supervisor and he asked me why I wanted to speak with the supervisor. I advised him that I wanted to speak with the supervisor about my experience at the store and on the Fry's customer service line. Apparently, this was not a sufficient answer for Howard, as he refused to not only transfer me to a supervisor, he also refused to provide the supervisor's contact information and also refused to provide the supervisor's name, and he also disconnected the call.

My experience with your company today has been very disappointing to say the least. My Fry's card number is *redacted*. At this point, I will seriously consider shopping at the Wal-Mart directly across the street from this Fry's location. It is almost unfathomable that your employees and managers would treat a customer like a child and common criminal. I will await your response, and hopefully I do not have to seek out local media to expose this poor service and treatment. I will also consult an attorney to see if my privacy has been violated by recording my drivers license number. I will be glad to discuss this situation with you further. You may reach me via telephone at *redacted* or reply to this email. Your concern and attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated and hopefully you will assist in repairing my relationship with your company as a customer, as it has been severly damaged at this point.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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Glendale, Arizona, United States #1284473

I realize your complaint is over 4 years old, but I'll add this anyway. EVERYTHING that happened to you is simply appalling!

The first screw-up, IMO, is that you were carded at all. Drinking age in Arizona is 21. If you've been drinking (legally!) for 15 years, that means you're 36. As far as I can determine, there is nothing in ARS (Az.

laws) that justifies them carding EVERYONE, or those CLEARLY of age.

Arizona restricts what types of identification are valid for purchase of liquor. Arizona liquor laws further state that once you ask for ID (which is when you have REASON to, as in you're not sure the person is of age) you examine the id card to see that it's 'real.' Exam the photo and compare it to individual to make sure 'the person reasonably appears to be the same person.' Determine person's age, and that they're legally old enough to drink. The catch is, once you ask for and see that ID, it has to be recorded in 'ID Log': details will include date, ID type, ID number, name of individual, dob, individual's signature, and initials of person accepting ID.

When agents of liquor board check licensees, one of things they ask to see if 'the book' (e.g. the ID log). If there are NO entries, they conclude the licensee has been derelict in their duties (and so must be selling to minors.) Some licensees will then carry things overboard, and card even those they have absolutely no reason to card. This is so they can PROVE their compliance to liquor board next time around.

alas, it's the consumer that gets caught up in all this.

"ARS 4-24 Selling or giving liquor to underage person; illegally obtaining liquor by underage person; violation; classification; definitions

A. If a licensee, an employee of the licensee or any other person questions or has reason to question that the person ordering, purchasing, attempting to purchase or otherwise procuring or attempting to procure the serving or delivery of spirituous liquor or entering a portion of a licensed premises when the primary use is the sale or service of spirituous liquor is under the legal drinking age, the licensee, employee of the licensee or other person shall do all of the following:

1. Demand identification from the person.


IMO their actions are NOT in compliance with the law, and that's it verbatim above. I'd complain to liquor board.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1212701

I remember years ago there was a "book" and if a cashier asked a customer for id it was Arizona law that they must record the information in the book,I thought this wads replaced by swiping the license on the register to record the information. I can tell you tho, I cashiered at Walmart for years and the cashiers are told to card everyone in your party (including your children etc) some cashiers go too far at Walmart and will not sell to the adult because their teenage children can't produce I'd,I have also watched Walmart cashiers refuse a sale because the customer had a conversation with the people in line behind her to pass time and the cashier carded them and they refused as they weren't with the customer buying the alcohol in the first place.Management said I'll be happy to take this back for you!

BTW, does it bother you when you buy certain cold medicine's?

They take your ID and record it in a book that yoiu must sign and send it to the government. Stores are so worried about fines and losing licenses anymore so we get treated like criminals.Best to drive through the liquor store lol.


I hate Fry's , I used to go to the one on via Linda in Scottsdale for my prescription and ther is mean pharmacist her name is Rowan Hamouri , friend of mine told me she had a criminal record. And she still work there.




Once you have seen the ugly side of Fry's you probably will not want to shop there again. The telephone support lines for more and more companies have become totally useless and sometimes abusive.

The conduct must be condoned by management or it would not be so prevalent.

So far the only effective way to communicate with companies is to use social media.

Search for the companies org chart or other listings that will give you actual names of corporate managers. Then use Facebook or Twitter to make your issue known.

Arizona, United States #950225

This JUST happened to me as well! I'm in shock that providing my VALID identification showing my age was not sufficient enough to purchase alcohol.

I too, do not think it necessary to have my personal information recorded in that manner. Interested to know what happened??

to Anonymous Glendale, Arizona, United States #1284475

The ID log isn't store policy it's Arizona law. POLICY to 'card everyone' IS store policy - and that policy is inconsistent with law that requires ID be checked when they have reason to believe .... BTW, law says once they ask for that ID, the book has to be signed.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #939203

Had bad ice cream and rotten steak from frys more than once. They shut off coolers so meat turns brown for a while and ice cream sort of melts then refreezes again. I dtop shopping at frys


Lol really lmao. You realize that if a cashier doesn't card some one and they turn out to be under the age 21 the cashier can be personally fined for $3000.

Any time you get carded at frys they HAVE to record the information. Go shop at walmart whats binding you to frys.

I'm a current frys employee and I find it hilarious when people play the walmart card I just ask them if they need directions to the nearest one. You need to get a god *** life jesus you're pathetic.

to china man #859340

I worked at Fry's for just under 3 months and if you are loyal to them there is something wrong with you

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #813263

I'm sorry but I'm sure they would rather not lose their. job then make a *** princess jappy.

to mmrrrw Glendale, Arizona, United States #1284474

There is nothing in that complaint that indicates the sex of the consumer. However, if you do the math, you learn the individual was 36 years old when this incident occurred.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #784392

Oh my! what a cry baby.

You need to get a life. And most of all, sure hope you live alone, because I don't think anybody could stand to live with you.



I cannot believe people like you exist... This is why people hate working in customer service. Go find a different outlet for your pent up aggression.


I am a former Fry's employee and have also been a bartender at 2 different bars. The reason they record your information is to cover their *** in case you are really underage or get drunk and do something ***.

They can prove to the authorities that they "carded" you and that you presented a valid (or at least a valid LOOKING I.D.) Believe me, your information is not being shared with anyone unless YOU do something *** after purchasing alcohol.

Try not being so paranoid!! A lot of this has to do with Arizona State laws...NOT the store!!

to moskie Glendale, Arizona, United States #1284477

You may have worked at Fry's ... and you may have been a bartender ...

but you apparently do NOT know the liquor laws. You card someone when you have reason to believe they're not of age.

That doesn't include routinely carding someone who is 36 years old. You don't card people because 'they might get drunk and do something.' Carding every customer that purchases alcohol absolutely IS 'store policy' (which is stated in the complaint) and is NOT what state law says.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #698174

You seem to have gotten tipsy during that last paragraph. Perhaps you should seek guidance from a councilor as opposed to make people feel *** about following simple policy.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #675623

I don't buy their overpriced, warm, open cooler,old,outdated beer there anyways.Everything at Fry's is overpriced and low quality.The only reason they put things on sale is because it's almost to the point that they can't sell it anymore or there is something wrong with it.

to Fry's***ks #1078495

That is true of bananas at Fry's in my experience. Bananas never less than 59 cents unless they're about to go bad and then they're on sale for 44.

I buy Bananas at Bashas' when they are on sale for under 40 cents. I have never paid over 50 cents for bananas.

I have seldom experienced quality issues.

They do turn off cooler lighting in the late hours, sometimes leaving me to select goods from the unlit coolers when I shop in the last hours of the evening. Fry's would lose their shirt if they were found guilty of tampering with the coolers as charged above.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #675622

Fry's food stores suck.Way overpriced on almost EVERYTHING and keep raising prices more.Their remodeling a bunch of stores.We dont need remodeled stores,we need lower prices.Produce and meats are *** quality and very high priced.We dont need their gas discount.You pay more for groceries to make up for it. All they care about is dollars, not how they are gouging peoples money from them. I shop at walmart and safeway now.The asian market and dollar stores have better deals on stuff too.Screw Fry's foods.

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