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My daughter made herself a salad from Krogers Iceberg lettuce yesterday, she is 12 years old!...I had a few bites out from her bowl an I had upset stomach today and called off work drinking pepto !!... She's had a severe tummy ache all day an finally this evening she wanted to try an eat... She requested her fave! Ranch salad, I get the lettuce out and I see black spots all over the lettuce, I went an asked her if these spots where on the leafs when she made it yesterday?

She said yes , she thought it was just normal wilted lettuce, I pulled apart the lettuce an started throwing out the pieces with spots but then I SEEN IT,!!

I huge BLACK MAGGOT!... Obviously dead and it POOED ALL OVER THE LETTUCE!

I will be reporting this in the morning! We are going to the hospital TONIGHT!

Reason of review: Maggot in food .

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Refund- loss wages from work today, something for my daughter as she missed school because she had such loose bowels , .

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I'm sorry but that lettuce has obviously been sitting in your fridge for a while, Kroger does not sell lettuce that looks like that and if they did you are an *** for buying it. As for the "maggot" I've never seen one that big or that color, looks more like a dry leaf of some kind. What a *** you are!!!!

Orange, California, United States #897733

It really sickens me when parents put things, in this case bugs in their child's food to get a settlement of some sort. Your daughter is 12 not 7 she should have known that the lettuce was fresh and not eaten it.

If she is too stup!d to figure it out by looking at it the taste should have given it away. So either you put the maggot in yourself to get your daughter sick so you can sue or your daughter is really stup!d.


thats why you wash vegetables before eating them. do you think the company inspects the insides of the vegetables?

Ohio, United States #894395

Oh my gosh, so freaking gross! Reach out to Kroger immediately, and I hope that you and your daughter get well!!

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