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I go to Kroger almost every day after work, sometimes I don't get off until after 11pm. I called earlier in the day to make sure Kroger was open until midnight and the automated phone system said it was.

I entered the store at just a few minutes after 11:30 pm, well before midnight. The cashier near me loudly said, "SIR WE ARE CLOSING IN 15 MINUTES." I'm not a very confrontational person and I intimidatedly replied okay. I was very distraught at this point and although I'm usually in and out, I went even faster out of fear and forgot a few things. I went to this cashier in hopes of her info being on my receipt and it was.

Oh and also when I put my items on her conveyor belt she gave me a very mean stare and picked up her phone and said on the p.a. that kroger was closing in 10 minutes, before even making direct eye contact or ringing up my items. The automated phone system I had called earlier since I guess kroger doesnt allow lowly customers to talk to live people, had stated it was open until midnight, not 11:45 as this cashier repeatedly and rudely stated to me, a customer among many others minding his own business. It wasnt even close to midnight when I left at 11:40 despite her acting like they were locking the doors and I barged in.

If kroger doesnt want customers that late they should close at 11. I am more than happy and strongly considering becoming a walmart of lapeer shopper. Their prices are cheaper and there hours are better. I'm not looking for money or coupons, just an apology would be nice and to have that cashier told not to be so rude to paying customers in the future.

The info from my receipt says her name was Kathy and the only identifying code from the receipt was 465 11 344 138. She was a woman with blonde hair

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Kroger Cons: Cashier rudeness.

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On Christmas Eve they stopped letting people in at 6:30, but they were open till 7. Also customer service closes at ten that's why you got an automated call. I'm tired of all the miscommunications between customers and Kroger these complaints are dumb.


You went in after 11:30 and they basically told you that you had 15 minutes to shop. I don't see what the problem with this is.

Think about it: closing at 12 does NOT mean customers should find a register at 11:59 or 12:00.

It means that all customers have paid for their purchases and are out the door by 12:00 midnight. That is very reasonable to me and makes sense.


Sometimes the stores close early for floor maintenance. This may have been the case, I think they do it once a month.

Also, at 11:30 and every so after, they will announce that the store is closing in X minutes as a reminder. It's nothing personal.

They have to get people out so they can finish closing down and clock out on time themselves. (Any bit of overtime can get them in trouble.) This doesn't excuse your cashier being rude, but all the stores do this.

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