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I called the customer service, and was put on hold for 27 mins. Finally a woman identifying herself as "" or "" answered. She told me that the survey I took online would take 2-5 days to have my account credited with 50 points. I took the survey 2 days earlier, and the points have not shown up on the account, but it is the last day of the month, and I wanted the points in. She said she couldn't do anything about it. She said I...
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AnnPrice1972 I have sent my issue to several departments such as Smith's Food, Kroger, US Bank and have been ignored by all.
I have, to this day, not been compensated or even acknowledg...

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I want my rewards not to go to my phone anymore. Please remove. I don't know what good the $1.50 I got from my rewards onto my phone will do me. I thought I was out of time and bought new 100 minutes and lost my 34 minutes I had. Kroger logged the new time in for me and told me I had 34 minutes, so I thought I'd have 134 instead of the 100 it said I had. I phoned and talked to someone (at my time expense waiting) and they said they'd see what...
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Anonymous Honey, wrong forum. You just gave out your phone number to every single person on earth.

Kroger Rewards Program Review

I think kroger should let people choose there own pin numbers for there kroger fuel points because any one that knows your number can use your fuel points an i have has mine used a number of times