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I made a payment towards my gas bill at Kroger.Kroger misapplied the funds to someone else's account and has done nothing to help me recover the funds other than lie to me and tell me all of the records have been shredded.

I have the receipt numbers and the manager at the Kroger store Mr. Patterson has told Kroger corporate that I did not give him any documentation. Today I took the documentation in again to Mr. Patterson at the instruction of Kroger corporate and he would not accept it and called the police on me.

I have spent a good forty hours of my life trying to resolve this and the bottom line seems to be Kroger steals and doesn't care about making it right. I have been sent in circles so many times, been given reference numbers that no one at Kroger can trace etc. Kroger has repeatedly lost all of the information I have given them. It has been three months now.

Be careful if you need a refund from the Kroger on Montrose. You will be berated and made fun of.

One rep from the Ohio corporate office had the nerve to tell me I was costing Kroger money by calling in and his supervisor was upset.Kroger is pathetic from corporate down to store management.

Review about: Kroger Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1005.

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To anyone else reading this, Attorney Rogelio Garcia lied to the police to have me charged.

My case was dismissed of course.


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Pay bills at the actual company...The time you take going to Kroger, and waiting in line, you could have just went to the utility company.

Who goes to Kroger to pay bills?

Oh, wait, morons.

to nonone #919310

People who have to grocery shop and only have limited time to do that as well as work and take care of children or whatever else is in their lives. What if the company is miles away from their home and Kroger is closer? Like, for real, these services are offered because there is a demand for them, so just because you don't have to use them doesn't mean anyone has to use them.

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