Yesterday, I mistakenly pulled and swiped my credit card instead of a debit card, when checking out at Kroger. I immediately caught the error, and before (BEFORE) signing for the charge, told the clerk I had made an error and wanted to change my method of payment. She told Kroger's software did not (DID NOT) allow a change. Note, if using a debit card, there is no such unauthorized charge, PRIOR to the consumer entering their pin, which is a form of authorization.

It took quite a bit of complaining, before even the manager reluctantly had customer service submit a credit to my credit card. He then personally unbagged my groceries, rechecked them and rebagged them. At this point, I was able to use my preferred method of payment.

BEWARE, once a credit card is swiped at Kroger, their software automatically charges a credit card, whether you actually authorize or not. This took 30 minutes to work through. Only loud voiced complaining and insistence that Kroger do the right thing, accomplished a change.

So, not only is their software committing fraudulent activity, but their employees are not quick or voluntarily willing to make something right.

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Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #702144

your fault, your fault, your fault.Makes me so sick to hear someone yell and scream when they screw up.

Was not the cashiers fault or the manager. It was all on you, but yet you are going to scream and whine until this fix your screw up.

It was a valid charge on your credit card.You just screwed up.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #579078

Your complaint doesn't make sense.If it was asking for you to sign for it then you had already entered a pin or pressed credit.

Once you are prompted to sign afterward the system does not allow you to change the amount. Signing for your credit card is not actually needed to finish payment.

Its merely a way to help your credit card company or bank keep track of possible unauthorized charges.

Hoped this helped.Thanks


What your cashier told you was truth - it's how the system processes an actual credit card. So please, don't blame your cashier for a mistake that *you* made.


Sounds like a big hassle for Kroger because of "your" mistake. I'm sure you weren't very nice about "your" mistake. You have no one to blame but yourself.

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