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Last Night (10/16/15), I went to Kroger at University Blvd. Blacksburg, VA around 9 pm with friends.

I needed some quarters to do coin laundry. So, I went to “Friendly” customer services of Kroger to ask for help. I asked to Kroger employee, named Ryan (I hope I got his name right, white male, about 6’3’’), on the customer service desk -“we need some coins, how can we get it. Can we try cash back to get coins?”

He said-“You need cash to have coins.” I understood and left the counter since I didn’t have cash at that moment.

I bought some grocery at other checking counter and ask the other employee who was checking out our groceries, hoping he may help us with this little issue. He said-“let’s give you cash back so that you can have cash (using debit card only) from this counter and then you can have coins from customer service counter (help desk).”

But for some reasons we were unable to get cash back at the checking out counter. So I went to customer service (Help Desk)- “Hey Ryan, If I get cash from you and use that $10 bill to buy quarters. Will that work? If this make sense to you, can you help us out?”

Kroger employee (Ryan)- “Yeah. (After a minute pause) hummm… You also need to buy some thing like gum to have cash back.”

We went and got the gum and swiped the debit card. And when it asked for cash back we selected $20 cash back options since, we couldn’t find $10 as one of the option. After the transaction was complete, Kroger employee (Ryan) suddenly canceled this transaction. And he said-“Oh I canceled it because I was checking if it was a debit card or credit card. Let’s do it again.”

And that pissed me off and I said- “why didn’t you just ask us before starting the transaction, you know I have been on this counter and other counter for last 10 minutes to get some coins. You could have just asked us.”

Kroger employee (Ryan) said- “I was checking it out. That’s how I work.” And, I said (in loud voice), “you should have asked us verbally like a normal customer service.” Kroger Employee (Ryan) said-“I won’t help you if you won’t let me complete my sentence (while pointing finger at me) and he called the store manager”.

When manager asked- “what happened? Ryan lied in front of all of us that I don’t have coins and he need coins”

And, again I said- “wait if you don’t have coins why you made us swipe our card and complete the transaction first time and asked again to swipe, since you were checking if we used a credit or a debit card.”

The store manager tried to get rid of me at that time. But, Kroger (www.Kroger.com) ruined my Friday night. They never apologized to my friends and me. They were racists, rude, and unfriendly. They weren’t professional at all. Above all, they don’t respect their customers.

I will make sure this story is on YouTube, Facebook, and every other social media out there.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of kroger staff. Kroger needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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This is about the dumbest, most childish complaint I have read in a long time! Where is the racism?

Hey Einstein, how about some better planning on your part! You should have gotten change earlier in the day! No on cares about your stinking laundry!

That's YOUR problem! GROW UP!


If anyone raised their voice at me I wouldn't serve them either. Regardless of race.


Why *** over a couple of coins? Lol life's too short.

Kroger is not a bank, they are not making money off the transaction. He was trying to help you, and then you got rude with him, so naturally, he wasn't going to help you.

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