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I cannot believe how rude an employee was in the deli,because I was quietly waiting for them to open.would I have appreciated it if someone had taking my order at 7:55,yes.But never did I say a word to the 2 employees who were doing their best to ignore me.when at 7:57 one employee,disgusted at my presence,informed me over his shoulder stomping away that"***,we don't even open til 8"!so I left,cause at that point,what kind of service would I...
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Is the closest Kroger to my home though I also go to Norwood, Oakley, And Hyde Park. No complaints about any of those. I buy a lot of deli. Mostly Simple Truth meats and rotisserie chickens. The chickens are never ready by 10. So I went at 10:45. Still not ready. They told me to come back at 11. At 11 still no chickens. Deli workers talk to each other and ignore customers. Several noted to me, "oh you're here for a chicken" but I got no status....
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I didn't like
  • Deli kroger kennars
  • Rude untrained employees
I just finished shopping at your store in the Rutland shopping center in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Needless to say if this was my first trip to your store, I would never return (I am still not sure I will return ever). A couple of weeks ago, I visited the deli department and while there were at least four employees talking and socializing I was completely ignored. Finally, a different person appeared on the scene and offered to help me. I...
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I went to Kroger located at 590 Cascade Ave. SW Atlanta, GA. 30310 on 01/07/2016 around 4:30pm. I went to the deli for a sandwich. The lines were long and only to people were available to help. I waited for about 20 minutes to be helped. They didn't have any turkey cut and because I didn't want any ham Dalicia decided that she was going to let the customer in front of me go. I politely said that I had already been waiting a long time and that I...
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I was in the store in Mt Carmal Cincinnati ohio, and I went to the deli to get a pound of kahn all beef bologna, the woman waited on me and got the bologna out and look and saw the date on it was old, so she went into the freezer to get another roll of bologna for me because the other one was old. A woman call Vickie told her to give it to me anyway for it was not that woman decision to go get me fresh bologna, I told Vickie that it was my...
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deli associates get requests mixed up--wrong food or not right amount. discrimination of store mgr. re. transfer of 7 year associate- associate has been approved by his store manager and the manager at the Laburnum store is being unfair (#502). This really needs to be investigated. Sometimes things are made better with deli associates but even the last associate got my order wrong and I didn't notice until I was home. cashiers are helpful...
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Kroger Deli Department Review

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