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I was shopping at the Kroger store in Martinsville Va. today. I was going to buy a lemon pudding cake and I asked this woman name Sandra to write Happy Birthday on it for me. She was very rude and told me they didn't do that. I told her I got it done there all the time. She was very rude and said "not today honey." I asked to speak to the manager and she informed me she was the manager and what she says goes. I put the cake back and left....
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Why is it so difficult for them to order a couple of extra loaves? They only have two slots on Bakery aisle for Roman Meal, while every other brand gets 4-5 slots. This is a topic that comes up EVERY week at the neighborhood association meeting. All of us (35+ regular attendees) eat Roman Meal, and ALL of us whine about it, and joke about Fry's inability to have Roman Meal in stock. I am almost done wasting my time shopping at Fry's, even...
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I didn't like
  • That they never order enough bread