Kroger 1-2-3 Rewards Prepaid Card Reviews

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I purchased a MasterCard 123 rewards prepaid card and loaded money to pay a bill. When I called to get a personalized card, I was told my information could not be verified. I gave all the information they asked for but still they said they couldn't help. They offered no reason as to why they couldn't find me. I even tried to register online and it still said information was incorrect. I haven't received any letter of explanation and it's been...
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They delayed the direct deposit of my paycheck and then couldn't tell me what happened to it. Afterwards they told me it would take 3 days for them to even get in touch with someone and they didn't have any contact with the bank that so-called handles the money. The customer service reps are young and incompetent. please do not use direct deposit with this card it is horrible. Now I have no money on my payday and have to wait for another check to be cut or for Kroger...
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I got the prepaid card so that I could have my paycheck direct deposited.I activated the card with no problem. About a month after I go the card my wife transferred $20 on to the card so that I could get gas in my car as I forgot my wallet. The transfer went through smooth but the card was declined at the gas station. I called the number on the back of the card and got person who told me my card was "restricted" and I would have to wait for a...
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I loaded up to 900 on my card Kroger's prepaid card and they put a block on it saying someone was trying to use it in China bull ***. Now I loaded all my money on the card and now don't have any money and they claimed they can't released the block or I can't call the bank they use. I'm a cancer patient couldn't get my meds and wouldn't do anything to help me. I do not recommend this card. .
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I have plenty of money in my account but my card hasn't been being accepted. First call I was told I had too many declines (uh, perhaps because I'm trying to use it when my money is there?), they reset it--still not accepted. 2nd call I was told it was because I had returns (i.e. credits from returning things to stores==equaling a whopping $22). Rep said because of this my funds weren't available. Is that even legal? I see putting a hold on the...
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I didn't like
  • Untrustworthy and incompetent
  • Terrible customer service
Its at this point that i learn the temp card cannot be used as a debit card (even though they allow u to set a pin for it). When calling customer service and explaining the situation the only solution they have is to send me a personalized card. The only thing advertised on the packaging to be true is the fact that the temp card cannot be reloaded. Their customer service is no help......they even told me to tell the hotel to charge me less...
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