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Certegy declined my check and I could not get cash back . I was tild based in the purchase and where the store was located that's why my checks were denied .I'm a black female shopping at a Kroger near a black community and I felt like I was being profiled by this service you have lost a good customer and I will tell as many people as I can to not patron your stores

Product or Service Mentioned: Kroger Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your complaint is with Certegy, Not with Kroger.You can tell as many people you want Not to shop at Kroger.However, there is No guarantee that the people you tell will follow your advice.Everyone has free will to choose what they want to do.So just be aware of that.

to Anonymous #1608541

Many people who have had checks declined by Certegy have already decided to no longer do business with the store where their checks were declined and not to do business with any store that uses Certegy. Let enough customers do this and these businesses will eventually either overhaul the system, drop Certegy and pick up another company...or lose so much business that they end up going under.

I myself was declined at Kroger, a store I've shopped at for over 20 years. I have never had an issue with my checks; they've always been accepted, until about two weeks ago. It was the same thing when I tried to write a check at Bed Bath & Beyond; now I take the time to inquire if a business uses Certegy and if they do, I simply walk out and take my business elsewhere. Certegy has declined government checks.

Really? A government check? My son was unable to cash his SSI check, so I ended up taking him to Chase and setting up an account for him. When I write a check and Certegy declines it, I get some automated computer system when I call that just gives me the runaround and then when I finally get a live breathing person on the line, they can't tell me anything or why my check was declined.

One representative said it was declined because of my limited check writing history. WTF? I can't establish a check writing history if they keep declining my *** checks! They have to approve my checks so I can establish a check writing history.

Enough business using Certegy will certainly end up losing a *** ton of business, especially longtime customers, if their checks keep getting declined. I once wrote a check to cover a purchase and I had thousands in a bank account that was several years old and my check was declined...for a purchase that was less than $50. Are you *** kidding me?! Needless to say, I no longer shop at that place.

I don't do business with any company that doesn't accept checks or allow me to use my bank account and I do not do business with any place that uses Certegy.

There are bound to be thousands of people out there like me who will not do business if a store uses Certegy. Consumers have to use the power at their disposal and it's always the most painful to hit the pocketbook.

to Shannon #1623880

Business will not lose much from check writers. In case you didn't notice, most transactions are cash or plastic. They'll be fine without your business.

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