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KROGER - 359

1159 Emmet St N

Charlottesville, VA 22903-4837

KROGER - 334

1980 Rio Hill Center

Charlottesville, VA 22901


I went to the store Kroger 1159 Emmet St N Charlottesville, VA in order to return swimming pool my wife bought last month and without receipt.

When I got to customer service and I told worker name is (Julian) I want to return this item, which is still new and is not open and (Julian) she told me the Kroger does not sell this item I told her can you call the manager and she told me that the manager says the same thing, too, after that I walked in store and I saw the same item is on the shelves, I went back to customer service I told her I want to speak to the manager, The manager came spoke with the worker (Julian) but did not speak to me, (Julian) told me there is no place in the store to return this item and she told me to go to another store because they have a big space.

It's funny that the fund size less than 20in×20in has no place in this store and refused to return back the item. This argument illogical and not acceptable.

I went to the other Kroger store, 1980 Rio Hill Center, Charlottesville, VA 22901, which is several miles away and went to customer service and I told the worker name is (tasia) I want to return this item she looked surprising to the item and she said do we sell this thing and then she use the scanner to checking price to find that the item is from Kroger store, After that she did not know what to do I told her can you call the manager but no one come, She (tasia) left the Customer Service and went to talk with one of the workers and look at me from afar. Then (tasia) came back to tell me: from where you bought this item? and I told her my wife bought it from another store in Richmond and then again left me and went to talk with the same worker (it appears from the management) that stands at a distance of 30 feet from the customer service and she refused to come to talk to me ,(Maybe they do not like My appearance) Then (tasia) came back again to tell me, tell your wife to return this item to the same store where purchased.

I told her give me a company phone number and the name of this employee that refuses to comes and talk to me, Onset (tasia) refused to give me the name of this employee, I do not know is she assistant manager or supervisor, then (tasia) wrote on the piece of paper the company phone number 1-800-853-3033 and name of this employee (McClure)

I left the store and I am very upset with this poor service and very poor management.

AND all Kroger stores put the slogan in front of Customer Service:

“Friendly and professional associates"

Frankly, Kroger put a false slogan

Instead of changed remodel store must first changed the faces of the bad workers have.

I went back to the home and called the number 1800-853-3033 and spoke with one of the workers in the customer service and it seems modeled on Kroger staff in providing poor service and lying to customers, I explained to her what happened with me in two stores and then she told me that in order to wait she need to call the first store to see what happen and then returned to tell me that the manager of this store told you the truth and there is no space to put this item in the store.

Then I told her what about the other Kroger store she said that the item cannot bring it back because the summer season is over.

She didn't call other Kroger store and she inventing the answer, I told her from where came this answer; she said to me this is Kroger policy and she began talking about strange things.

After she give me huge headache I told her I want to make a complaint but she did not help me, then I told her ok, I will try to contact someone else to see what happen here.

In a nutshell, 3 things that happened to me:

The first store refuses to return the item because lack of space in the store.

The second store refused to return the item and said to me, Should be returned to the same Kroger store where purchased.

The third, customer service over the phone she told me something different that I cannot re-item because the summer season is over!!

This is not the first time

Always I try to overlooked it and make it behind my back

But this is too much

I would not comment now, but just tell

It is flawed and shameful from a company that respects itself has customer service staff do not know what they are doing or saying they do not have experience at work or even morality.

I want to know opinion and decision company on this matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kroger Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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My guess would be that what the first store's manager meant (well, the second one as well) was that they have a certain number of items in that particular store's inventory, and adding additional ones would mess it up, and possibly cause losses to that store. For example, if they have 30 packs of mint tea in the store, and haven't sold any, how could they take one back? That's why they wanted you to go back to the store you bought your item at.

I'm not saying that they absolutely couldn't help you out, just trying to explain the logic behind their refusal.


Keep ALL receipts!!!! That is undeniable truth that they can not overlook and they would have to show me a policy printed on the receipt, or somewhere visable in the store that says that I can not return the item. I keep all receipts!

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