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Kroger in Elizabethtown, KY on Dolphin Drive.

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I went to Kroger with my teenage child. We have about 80 bucks of items in our cart.

I had a coupon for free eggs, free Tyson chicken, and free cheese crackers, and a few cent off coupons. Kroger sends me valued customer coupons all the time. Well the U-Scan lady said my coupons did not look right. She said they appeared to be fake.

So she became aggressive toward me and called me wrong and said racist and vular words to me and told me really bad curse words. Then customers laughed at me and also called me bad names. She called the manager and he came. He said my coupons he was informed had been fake.

I told him that they are real and he said no they are not. He said I had to leave the store and never return. I said my child is in here and I will get my father to come in. He said my dad can not come.

My daughter was still in the store. I sent my dad in and he got confrontational and came outside to fight my father. He admitted to being racist and a member of the KKK. The cashier called me such bad things and they were talking bad about me in front of all the customers.

I am a Muslim woman and a hijabi she had mentioned that people like me always cause problems. I am hurt and feel this is a defamation of character. I was accused unfairly and mistreated and that man was rude to my elderly father who has health issues.

I am an honest person and I have been treated as a criminal. See my coupon which was presumed to be fake and tell me is it fake?

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I find it amazing how some people have disliked an honest review. Maybe it is because people on America are still religiously biased. I am sorry about what happened to you.


It saddens me that there so many racist people in this country. And they are all Trump supporters, every last one of them.


I'll take things that never happened for a 1000


This is really bad. Kroger is all over the media for things as such. Has anything been done about this?


Yeah, considering you were there. Grow up and have some class.

If you have nothing but sarcasm to help people then keep quiet.

I doubt the poster made this up. Think before you act 12 years old.


This is not a true business when it comes to treating customers like that. This is unacceptable.

Loyal customers deserve to be treated with respect regardless of race and religion. That business needs to be shut or new and better management is needed.


What about their sexual orientation or gender identity?


First I offer my sorry for this happening to you Sister. That is not proper procedure to treat a loyal customer anywhere.

I am appalled by this behavior from grown adults.

I have lessened my trips to Kroger stores. Lines are long, cranky employees and just not pleasant to shop.


Why do so many Trump supporters condone racism? Tbis country is supposed to be the land of the free. I do not get it at all.

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