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I recently purchased a bag of hearts of romaine pre-bagged lettuce from Krogers. I purchased the lettuce to make a salad.

I cut up my other veggies and began eating the salad. I then, noticed a huge dragonfly completely dead and attached to a piece of the lettuce. I was completely horrified and sickened by the sight of it.

I immediately took the bag, lettuce with dragonfly, and receipt back to the store and the owner apologized and offered me a $25 gift card. None the less I passed on the offer and am now filing a complaint with their corporate.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Cumming, Georgia, United States #615489

I would have taken the 25.00. You said you only paid 3.00 so 25.00 was a nice good will offer.

I think you are someone who just likes to complain. That is pre packaged salid and Kroger does not open every bag.

Grow up and quit trying to get the manager fired. How would you like it if he did that to you?

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #607759

You are upset about a dead dragonfly when you should be more concerned about the herbicides and toxins in the soil used to grow that lettuce, which is nutrient depleted and far more dangerous than a dead insect! Also, the obvious point others made that you would have found it sooner had you washed your produce!

Brecksville, Ohio, United States #607687

You turned down a $25 gift card? The manager dealt with that situation awesomely.


Have you forgot they grow outside?


***! Wash ALL veggies, hope you learned a lesson!

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