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I went to Kroger tonight (09/12/2012) to get some adjustments on my receipt that was messed up last night (09/11/2012), since the customer service was already closed. As I went to the Customer Service Desk, I waited about 3 minutes, with someone behind the counter, before I was acknowledged.

Angie stated that she needed to take care of this and I would need to wait, to hand a cashier a slip. I started to explain what happened, and she was already rolling her eyes at me. What had happened: I had bought two Herbal Essence Shampoo/Conditioner that rang up $2.99 and they should have rang up for $2.49. (Only $1 but it's still my $1.) I told Angie that they had two places for this shampoo and conditioner, one in the isle and the other on the end cap and I had gotten the two Herbal Essence on the end cap where it stated "When you use your Kroger card, item rings up $2.49" (I am paraphrasing).

I had also got two Glade Expression Starter Kits that I thought were to ring up at $2.59, but that had rung up at $4.29. Angie and I went back to check the items price. The isle, for the Herbal Essence, stated that it was to be $3.17, so she stated that I had gotten a better deal, and what was the problem? I again had told her that I got it on the end cap where it stated that it would be $2.49.

(That is a $.68, per bottle, $1.36, all together, in the difference between $3.17 and $2.49.) So wasn't sure why it had two different prices, but the shampoo and conditioner that I had gotten was on the end cap, so it was to be honored, but she made it clear that I should have been happy with $2.99 since it was still cheaper than $3.17. We than went to look into the Glade Expression Starter Kits. That was my fault; I had looked at the refill price verse the starter kit, but the price of $2.59 was for the refill and $4.29 was correct. I had two buy one get one free printable manufacture coupons (to make each item free) and the cashier, last night, only took off $2.49, each, so the full price of the item wasn't even correct that was taken off for the coupon.

I apologized and took fault for that mistake, but pointed out that the coupon still didn't *** the correct price. Angie was already rolling her eyes at me and giving me an attitude, because I did not do this last night. My check out time was for 9:41pm and the Customer Service Desk closed at 9:30pm and I was told, by the cashier that checked me out and another cashier, that I would have to come back tomorrow (today), to bring the items and the receipt and there will be no issue. Angie went to refund the difference for the Herbal Essence and I had asked "I hear that the policy is for if something rings up incorrectly, I get one item for free.

Is that right?" She replied, "Well yeah! That IS our policy!" as she rolled her eyes and stated it with such a rude toned voice. As we addressed the Glade Expression Starter Kits, Angie stated that I did the coupons wrong and that she was not going to fix it. I did not want to argue, it has already been about 15 minutes, so I told her to refund the items and I would like my coupons back.

She stated that she would refund it back, but that I was not to get my coupons back. I told her that I had printed them, on my own paper and with my own ink and that I would like them back, since it was not done correctly. She called for someone, whom I later found out to be Brandi Hilliard, to come assist. She told Brandi that I did it wrong and that I wanted my coupons back, and wanted to know what to do.

Brandi said that I could have them back, but only if I returned the item. Angie stated that I didn't want to return the item, so I chimed in and stated that I did and wanted the coupons in return. Brandi than found out that this was from last night and I got an attitude from her that I couldn't get my coupons back since I did not address this last night. I again explained the story, since Angie just stood there with a smile on her face acting like she didn't know anything, and stated that the Customer Service Desk was already closed and I was told that this would be taken care of tonight.

I explained that I bought Glade Expression Starter Kit (A) and got Glade Expression Starter Kit (B) for free – coupon #1 and that because I bought Glade Expression Starter Kit (B) I got Glade Expression Starter Kit (A) for free – coupon #2. Brandi stated that I was committing coupon fraud. I apologized and advised that it has been done before, I had seen it on Extreme Coupon, but to just take the item back and give me my coupons. She than stated that Kroger doesn't do what the manufacture accepts/allows, that Kroger customers have to go with what the Virginia Coupon Codes are, which was not explained any further, nor am I aware of a "Virginia Coupon Code" is.

(She refused to explain.) Brandi and Angie went into the back room to look for my coupons. Brandi asked several times what type of coupon I had and I told her it was a printer coupon from the manufacture. She than stated that I must be thinking of a Catalina. I told her that I was not, that I printed this from my own computer.

She than questioned me "Are you sure? Are you sure it didn't look like this?" as she held up a Catalina coupon. I told her that was correct, I was 100% sure it was not that type of coupon, that it was black and white and printed on my own personal computer. After about 20ish minutes, she came out and stated that they didn't have the coupon that I had explained to them, they only had ones from the inserts out of the newspaper, and that I really did not use a coupon.

I again told her that I did, that I even had it on my receipt that says "FREE COUPON". I pointed out to the cashier that I went through and told her it was through isle 5. They insisted that I give them the time I was there. I pulled out my receipt and told them 9:41pm.

They went to register 5 and went through the coupons and there were my two coupons that I used. Angie and Brandi both stated that they couldn't believe I had allowed them to look so long, since it was still in the register and never pulled. I got my refund and my non-usable coupons back, since they had written all over the coupon and no store will now accept them. I did ask, both Angie and Brandi, for corporates address and phone number.

They told me they could only give me the phone number. Brandi stated that it was 1-800-KROGER1 and Angie said that wasn't right and that it was 1-800-KROGER3. Brandi than said, well, it's one of them. Brandi than pulled out the store coupon policy and said that I should have known that Kroger did not accept these two coupons since the policy states under Internet Coupon Restrictions/PAH Coupons - "Free Item" Internet coupon are not to be accepted.

I told Brandi that I did not have a Free Item, that I had a Buy One Get One Free coupon, which is not the same. I than asked for her to explain how I am being fraudulent with the coupons in which she replied with yelling and insulting calling me a liar. Brandi says she said "I wonder if that could be borderline fraudulent?" I replied with, no you stated that I was a fraudulent couponer and I don't appreciate that. She looked and Angie and asked if she said that I was a fraudulent couponer, and before Angie could answer, which she said Brandi did not, Brandi was already saying "See I didn't!" She than continued to yell at me and I asked how can she be yelling at me like this, being in Customer Service?

(People checking out and cashier were looking over at the Customer Service Desk because it was so loud.) She said that she could because I was a liar. I told her that wasn't right for her to raise her voice at me like that, when I had not raised mine yet. (I did raise my voice after she was yelling at me and deliberately calling me a liar.) I again stated that it was not right for her (Brandi) to be yelling at me and Angie told me "I was done at Kroger." (I did take that as if I am now being banned.) I than asked for a manager and Angie said that I would have to wait for a better time for Kroger and address it tomorrow, at 8am tomorrow morning (9/13/2012). After I left the store I called back 1-800-KROGER1 (1-800-576-4371) and 1-800-KROGER3 (1-800-576-4373) and they are for the same automation to call another phone number to help refinance.

Each girl gave me an incorrect number for Corporate. I came home and looked up the phone number online and it is 1-866-221-4141, for the Call Center and 513-762-4000 for Corporate Switchboard. Neither number, listed on the website, is remotely close to the number that either Brandi or Angie had given me.

I should have never felt the being attack by either of them.

The way I used the coupon, I took as correct. Once they said it wasn't, I told them to refund the item and to give my coupons back, since there was no reason to argue. I had apologized and just said to return the item and to give me the coupon back. It was completely uncalled for the respect that was never given.

It was uncalled for name calling. It was uncalled for screaming/yelling.

It was uncalled for me to be attacked by not one, but two employees of Kroger. I will be calling the manager tomorrow (09/12/2012) and I will be contacting Corporate.

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I get what you're saying. It was kind of silly to make this big deal over that though, they should not have treated like you like that either.

Actual hardworking employees try their best to satisfy the customer and to help them receive the best deals. I work in retail and I have had plenty of customers like you get upset over such petty things.

But instead of rolling my eyes and being disrespectful I work my best to satisfy the customer even if their problems are so ridiculous like this. But it was definitely uncalled for if this story is true.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #632579

when you called the manager the next day i bet you saw him roll his eyes also


You were asking them to dig through a sack of coupons the store had accumulated throughout the week. I would have rolled my eyes too. Print out more coupons at home then.


First of all ur the biggest crybaby i ever heard of in my life and for u to talk so disrepectfully about to hard working employees is disgusting and you need to grow up clearly u have nothing better to do than sit here amd talk *** about a reliable company while ur tryin to scam them thats why they game u attitude hunny trust me they been doing this alot longer than you and they know what they are talkin about and go back to school you cant even spell "aisle" the right way your a joke and thisb bogus complaint is too get a life you loser

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