I have shopped at Kroger since my childhood and I am 62. The store at 12726 Jefferson Davis Highway, Chester, Va.

is a disgrace to Kroger. Not a friendly employee including management in the store. We purchased Pepsi Products which were on the Computer for 4/11.00. They rang up 3.99 so we went to the service desk to question the price and get the difference.

Jan was the cashier and she said " I can't just change a price for you". We didn't ask her to. I told her they were on the computer and not in the ad. What an attitude she had.

She calls one manager and her own words were he didn't want to be bothered. She called a John Surlock and ask him to please go upstairs and get on the computer and check the price.He wouldn't do that either. . We got a refund.

Customers don't need to be treated like this.

Of course Kroger doesn't care anymore. Rebecca Roark

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Carbondale, Illinois, United States #586126

I know that I may be biased, but I work at a Kroger in southern Illinois and my store has awesome customer service! Nothing like that would ever happen at our store. When a price is listed wrong on the shelf, by Kroger policy, you get the first one free (if we charged you more) and the rest at the correct price. If we charged you less, you get them all at that price. We generally handle disputes quickly unless there are a lot of customers in the store (the lines can get long). As far as the online issue, you might have been looking at an e-coupon. That's usually what people have problems with (they load them, they don't work, etc...). You see, the ads are the same in print and online. So if it wasn't in the print ad, the only thing I can think you were looking at was a coupon price, like I said.

That said, you definitely had a poor customer service incident. Kroger has just started a new survey program, so I would try to report it to the company (not just the store). The company freaks out when they hear things like this and they will do something about it.


You were probably too lazy to notice the sale had expired. Way to go.


Seriously? Maybe the ad you was looking at was from last week..

I get that a lot where people tell me the price is wrong. Trust me the computer is always right now you..

Did you look at the price on the shelf or an old ad? You got you're money back so stop complain

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #220573

When does not getting your way mean someone is rude. You maybe 62 but you act more like a three year old.

Also what do you mean they were on the computer for that price? ALso if everyone in the entire store is rude, perhaps it is you who is the rude one.

I can understand if one or two people are rude but everyone. I guess when you get old you get cranky.


I agree that this Kroger has gone from bad to worse. They will not even honor prices clearly marked on the shelf....Their customer service is a joke. :(

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