I will no longer be useing kroger pharmacy do to the *** I was denied a refill for six days do to an error in the pharmacy. In jan.

I had a perscription filled with two more refills,Feb. went ok but mar. was another story .They told to me by automation no more refills, So I contaced the pharmacy in person. They to told me I needed a new perscription.

In contact with my doctor she assures me I have another refill. Back to the pharmacy they tell me to have the docter just fax an ok, And she did. No luck they did not recive the fax, They tell me to have her do it agin, And she did. agin no luck.

Thay tell me to have her call.

Only after six days and a personal phone call fron my doctor has the problem been solved. Not yet now I,m still waiting for them to call for pick up.

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Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States #693422

I was in a auto accident 4yrs ago I have fused verribrates and was prescribed loritab. 60 count every month.

Everytime I get a refill at kroger I only get home with 10-14 pillsmissing.

I call and they say sorry but we double count. Not right they are ripping ppl off.


I don't suppose you thought of just getting a new script and going to another pharmacy??

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