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On Monday, June 24, I went to the Kroger Fuel on Emmet Street in Charlottesville, VA to fill my car. I paid at the pump with a credit card. When the tank was filled, the pump did not turn off, and gas spilled out onto the concrete, my car, and me. My skirt, socks and shoes (including special inserts) were all ruined, although I did not realize this

until after I had left. The attendant got paper towels and wiped my car, but said nothing about reimbursing me for the gas that did not go into my car, or about the gas that splashed all over me. I was too upset at the time to think clearly, as I was on my way out of town, and this delayed me nearly an hour. I also didn't think at the time about the potential danger of being doused with gasoline. Fortunately, no-one lit a match or cigarette near me before I was able to change clothes!

On June 26, I contacted the Kroger Co. by e-mail to find out who I should contact locally about being reimbursed for the ruined clothing and the spilt gas. On the 28th, I received an e-mail from Erick Leigh in Consumer Affairs saying that my e-mail had been forwarded for follow-up. Since that time, I have heard nothing, and had no response to my follow-up e-mail on July 6.

Needless to say, Kroger has lost a loyal customer of nearly 40 years. They have also lost the business of many of my friends and relatives, who were horrified that Kroger had such a cavalier attitude toward what could have been a very dangerous situation.

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Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States #1188236

I just had this happen to be but I think I was at fault; not at Kroger's though. Maybe it's the gas pump that didn't stop.

I had to take almost an hour long shower after that. Turns out gasoline is poorly absorbed through skin but nevertheless people are recommended to take a shower and try to wash off any gasoline that might still be there.


They don't care. It's crappy because it just happened to me at a 7-11 but they can care less.


This *** just happened to me too and it wasn't operator error you incompetent Kroger waste of space. Have some compassion instead of backing a company that clearly doesn't give a *** about employees being that they don't pay you ***.

Oh wait maybe that's why you're attacking this poor soul. *** off


Next time use some common sense and put the nozzle further in to the tank. Most mistakes involving fuel spills are not defective dispensers, instead they are operator error.

Yours falls into the latter category. I bet you also slid the auto fill mechanism to allow for hands free fillup.

This is a common mistake. Any Dispenser that is defective is taken out of commision until it is fixed.

to Bob Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #745569

This was defective equipment. The attendant was upset when I reported the spill, and tried to claim that the pump was blocked.

When he saw that it wasn't, he began yelling at another customer who was filling her car. Perhaps you should use a little common sense and learn the details before making judgement calls about something you didn't see.

I have been filling my own gas tank for nearly 30 years, and know what I am doing.

BYW, do you work for Kroger, or have some other vested interest in this?


Thank you, Former Kroger Employee. I also don't understand why I am being attacked, unless these people have some connection with Kroger or with some gas station which also has defective equipment.

I have been pumping my own gas for years, I was standing right beside the pump, and the attendant KNEW the equipment was defective, because his first response was to yell at me for using that pump. He quieted down after realizing that there was nothing indicating it was defective. Had Kroger responded to me in any way, I would have accepted that, even if I disagreed with their response. The fact that they totally ignored me is what made me decide that I would never shop with them again, after over 40 years.

Since the women in my family tend to be very long-lived and still driving and shopping for themselves when they are over 90, Kroger has probably lost at least 30 more years of my business. Grocery stores and gas stations are everywhere -- I really don't need them.


Kroger's inability to reply to you is not surprising at all. They never respond to customer complaints.

The only time a Kroger customer receives good customer service is when it's from someone at that store. Corporate doesn't care.

I also don't understand why everyone is attacking you. If the equipment was defective, how is that your fault?

The trigger could've been defective or something. However, because I don't actually know if you were handling it improperly, I'll stop here.


How do you not notice this until after you leave? Gas is a liquid, it's wet, when it runs down your leg it's wet and acts as a skin irritant.

Yet, you still don't notice till you leave?

Incompetence is what started this whole issue. Maybe a solution would be to move to a state where you don't have to pump your own gas......


Oh my god. Another stuck up, who thinks she's better than the rest of us.

Here you go. The pumps can malfunction at any time. If someone doesn't tell them about it, how should they know. If you were more careful, you wouldn't have spilled gas on yourself.

You drive a car. There are things that come with driving a car. Get over it. Pay attention next time, and you won't have as much trouble.

Or better yet, have someone else do it for you so you don't "ruin your clothing." Ever heard of laundry soap? It helps.


I have looked at numerous stations for signs stating that spills are the responsibility of the customer, and have yet to find one. I still believe that defective equipment should be the responsibility of the company, not of the victims.


yes it happened to me twice at two different gas stations in the last two weeks. One time I was pumping the gas the other my daughter.

I have pumped by own gas for 25 years and this has never ever happened to me before. One gas station reimbursed me the other did not.

I didn't think about ruined clothes or the danger nor was I warned or offered help at either station, one was Costco the other Chevron. The one station told me that the same thing happened the week before and it spilled 5 gallons of gas on one lady.


Thank-You Wknight1631.... If the gas overflows in Kroger, BP, Shell or anywhere else it is always the consumers responsiblity! Duh!!!


If the station had such a sign, it was not visible. I did not overfill my tank, the pump was defective, and the station knew that they were having problems with defective pumps.

I was standing beside the car holding the pump, which is why I was splashed with gasoline. And the very least Kroger could have done would have been to respond to me, rather than ignoring me completely.


All fuel stations have signs that state the safety rules for consumers. They also state that spills due to customers overfilling their tanks are the responsibility of the customer, and the business is only responsible for the clean-up.

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