I dumped $44.21 in a machine at Kroger (Grocery chain)only to find out after the process that I would not get all my cash back if I took cash. They kept up to 10% for doing the count.

They optioned me back the entire amount if I took a E-gift Card which was little more than a piece of paper.

I then headed off to Berger King to order lunch without any money, only my new E-Gift card. BK had no delivery system to accept the E - gift card. Purchase denied. I went hungry and Coinstar had all my money!

With the returned voucher in hand I went home to my computer and found the Coinstar web site. After an intensive search I found a contact number. I got handed off to the right person who offered no solutions. She did state that I was not the first BK complaint.

She did direct me to the proper BK internet page to check if my E-Gift card had been entered (You need to go to BK Crown Rewards to check if your E-Gift number was funded into their system)My $44.21 was in there. The BK problem is that the only way to get the credit was to have a plastic BK Crown Gift Card with a magnetic strip with my E-Gift number on it. Without the BK Crown Credit card, the BK cashier was lost. I spoke with someone at BK Headquarters in a hand off from the gift card dept.

They acknowledged a lot of similar complaints took my E-gift numbers and stated a plastic BK Crown Card would be on the way in 4-6 weeks. That would be a month and a half without my money. What a rip. Kroger sucks for allowing this *** to go on.

BK knows that the average coupon never sees redemption.

Coinstar knows this and uses this information to sell this dis-service.

If you see a Coinstar Machine, kick it once for me. I need 44.21 volunteers.

Review about: Kroger Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $44.

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Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States #1194722

well lesson one, read everything before you agree, they tell you the fee before you complete the deal. even better, don't be so lazy, you can get coin rolls free from your bank and roll the coins and cash them at your bank for free.

but if it makes you feel better I will kick the kiosk on my way out of Kroger's next time around.

hey walmart has a deal, and you do sound like a walmart shopper, wanting something for nothing and mad at them when that don't happen, their coin kiosk will print you a receipt that you can use in their store without any hassles. just look out for those walmart shoppers driving around in the free motorized shopping carts, we wouldn't want to see another rant on here bout you being runned over by one of those and how it's the stores fault and they should not do business with the makers of those little *%&%*%*$&#^# things.

to Anonymous Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1225548

What's the matter with you people?! OP never really complained about the fee.

He was pissed the machine printed a BK gift card that was basically worthless.

He shouldn't have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for a card that says it will be usable instantly.

Stop being douchebags and learn to have some compassion. Some people who drop their coins in that machine don't have any other money than the change they are putting in it, so to go hungry for 4-6 weeks is unacceptable.


You go to a store, you pay for services. Why would coinstar be any different?

It costs money to run the machine. If you want your change exchanged for free, check your bank.

Otherwise, you are going to have to pay. Oh, and coinstar does mention the fee before you even start the process, so there is no reason to be surprised.

to Anonymous Georgetown, Ohio, United States #1306047

That's a head scratcher. The machine tells you what the deal is.

Yet you complain about starving. If you're starving that bad, you shouldn't be going to BK.

Should have gotten the Kroger card and bought ya some groceries. You would have gotten more food for your money.

Aldine, Texas, United States #938437

Every single coin star I have ever used tells you before you deposit money the % it will take. Maybe try reading the screen next time.


This has nothing to do with Kroger.. Coinstar is a 3rd party machine that is simply located in the store. There is no reason here to complain about Kroger!

to Anonymous #987098

They have coin star in these stores and it is stealing in my book


Same issue, just less money, $17.61

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