10450 N La Cañada Dr, Oro Valley, AZ 85737, USA
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I stopped at my normal Frys store with my friends. We were having dinner and movie night at the house for my 68 year old dad with cancer.

We were all happy and joking when we got into line. I was using a food stamp card which is humiliating on it's own and temporary.... the cashier proceeded to tell me i owed a balance. I asked her if the deli Rotisserie chicken wasn't covered by food stamps.

If that was the case I just wouldn't get it. She said rather rudely... you don't want it now? I told her I had just spent the last on my debit card and again I asked her if i was correct in thinking food stamps don't pay for deli items?

She never answered the question and said your food stamp card is empty you owe this amount...very abruptly... I was confused because I knew i had plenty of money on my card and now very embarrassed because she was being so rude. She asked me do you want it or not? I was becoming so anxious trying to figure out what went wrong and embarrassed in front of my friends.

My friend who doesn't have much money either said here and just paid for it... I was very grateful but still confused. When I calmed down later I looked at my receipt and saw that I in fact did have money on the card and assumed that deli food cannot be paid with food stamps. I was fine not getting the chicken...

I would have put it back in the deli department myself to help with any inconvenience. She never gave me the opportunity. She was just nasty. I meant to call and complain because i was still upset 2 days later.

I let it go until now... I can't read the first initial of cashier's name on the receipt well. Looks like it says Maia at the store 10450 N La Canada Dr 85737 at Lambert and La Canada in Oro Valley, Arizona. I was injured at work and hate that i needed food stamps in the first place.

I cannot believe the way she treated me. My friends and I were in such good spirits and looking forward to our evening. We left instead with me apologizing for her paying for something i could have just not bought and they spent the next conversations trying to make me feel better because of this hag. By the way Maia...

I was right about the deli item.. i did have money on my card and you were just awful and not helpful.

Thank you for trying to ruin our evening. smh

Review about: Kroger Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Employee attitude, Cashier rude and wrong.

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It's the OP's responsibility to learn the rules of the foodstamp program but the cashier couldve been more helpful.

to Amayah #1378561

I knew what the rules were.. I told her that thought so and assumed she would confirm that I made a mistake.

I would have been fine with that.

Instead she acted annoyed and told me I had no money on my card. She was wrong and rude.


Yes, it is a rule of the food stamp program that you cannot use them for hot food. The cashier should have been more respectful and helpful, however.

The cashier might not have understood the rules either, although we might have the expectation that she should know them. Some people are not the sharpest tools in the shed, and they still get jobs.

to Candycat #1378563

Lol! I needed to smile!

Thanks! Yes, I do assume they have been trained to know how to handle a food stamp card. Also assume she was taught good customer service. She failed!

Hopefully was she was just having a bad day. I was in retail for 11 years you can't take your mood out on the customer

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