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Kroger is the worst. I used my atm to pay for purchases and requested $40 cash back.

With a line full of people behind me, I move as quickly as possible. The transaction is complete, the receipt is spit out immediately. I took the receipt and left. I called 5 minutes later and advised the $40 was left at the store.

They reviewed the tape and said the lady after me got the money...tough luck.

This could have been avoided if Kroger's cash back machines moved faster than a glacial pace compared the ability to providing a receipt.

This is not fair, unjust, and theft by association. Kroger is the worst

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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lol what? The company doesn't need to propose a solution for your forgetfulness. Might as well go through a line with a actual cashier if you can't handle self-checkout on your own Flash.


Well, my local Wal-Mart Community Grocery store said that the people that watch to make sure that you don't steal something by pretending to scan it but just bagging it instead said that they often find money left behind $50 and $20 bills by people who left without getting their change(because the machine was so slow and had already printed out their receipt, just like you said) and they said that they pick up the money and hold it for when they return. Also, I once had a problem where the dimes that I was supposed to get back from the self-checkout machine were actually pennies that someone had cut off the edges off so that it was the same size as a dime.

I remember thinking that not only was that person a criminal, but that they must have had too much free time on their hands. Like the saying goes "Idle Hands are a Devil's Workshop"


Your complaint is confusing due to this statement of yours in your complaint... I used my atm to pay for purchases and requested $40 cash back...

So did you Actually use an ATM to pay for your purchases? Because there is No way you can use a machine to pay for your purchases. Or did you use your ATM card to pay for your purchases, and then request cash back? Senior staff Above the store level make the decisions regarding the self checkout machines, which I think you used.

So the best thing to do is to send a letter to the Regional office for the particular Kroger location you went to. The contact information for the Regional office is location on their website or on the back of your Kroger card.

to Anonymous #1578269

I apologize, I was unclear. I used my ATM debit card at the self checkout.

I did not use an automatic teller machine at all. Thank you for the clarification.

to StaidUguisu764 #1587590

Contact your bank dummy


Next time, if you want cash just go to your bank. It's easy.

Try it.

Or, don't forget you have cash coming back and leave it for the next lady in line. You snooze, you lose.

to h.kitchener #1578275

Sir, your suggestion is brilliant and insightful. I want to thank you, because after looking at you commenting history, it's always informative to hear from abettors and co-conspirators.

PS your picture looks like hitler. Put up a picture of a dog or cat or something.

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