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Kroger has not only stopped their Free Fridays, and their weekend 5X events, which helped feed my family, but now the employees are not wanting to accept any type of coupons. Out of 5 coupons I tried to use, the cashier refused to take 4 of them.

I use to get preferred coupons from them in the mail, and now they don't do that either. The coupons on their website are of low value, or for grocery pick up only. They also have a couple of new managers apparently. The old managers were friendly and would speak to me.

The new ones act like they own the world and won't speak or even acknowledge me. I'm just fed up.

I went to a different store, and my coupons were accepted with no issues. Kroger has lost my business for good.

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What you wrote in your complaint are decisions made by Kroger employees either at the District level or the Corporate level. So, the best thing to do is to send a letter to the District office/Regional office for the particular Kroger location you were going to or to their Corporate Headquarters. Their contact information is either found on This website or on Their website.

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