Went to Kroger on pendleton pike been shopping there for years. Apple juice did not ring up .97 so I ask cashier name Ron he told me did not know and did care I need to pay and take problem up with customer service .I told him I was taken it up with him before I paid .

He told me I need to pay and get out of his line very loud and unperfessional when ask what was his name he said Ron and I can tell anyone I want nothing go to be done about it . Another cashier wrong me up. Told manager on duty dont know if any thing was done . This happen Saturday september 15 2018.

I am 70 years old store full of people no customer service .Told manager on duty. Shocked Shocked

Reason of review: The way I was talk too. Told nothing will be done him . Does not need any public contact.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Cutomer service.

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Kroger should institute a policy like BIG BEAR stores used to to, IF THE PRODUCT RINGS UP THE WRONG PRICE, YOU GET IT FOR FREE!


I think that Kroger is one of the better grocery stores that I have ever been to. I do think that HEB does everything better and cheaper, but they aren't located everywhere like Kroger is.

So, when I'm not down in Texas snowbirding it for the winter and can shop at HEB, my favorite grocery sto to shop at be Kroger. I'm not too proud to use my Kroger Loyalty Card(I could care less if they keep a record of what I buy)and even if I had a gazillions dollars in the bank, I would still shop smart and use coupons and my loyalty card. That way when I would see a poor hungry person, i could give them all of the money that I had saved. I have went out and bought groceries for hungry families before, even though I am a poor person myself.

Because I knew that they were starving and didn't have any money to get food and I felt very sorry and compassionate towards them because I have been extremely hungry many times myself. I took them to Krogers and bought them a whole bunch of groceries and they were extremely happy and grateful and I was overjoyed to at being able to help them, and I knew exactly how they felt to be able to finally have some good food to eat after starving for days.


Yes-Kroger does scam with deceptive price signs (not in flyer). Ive complained (or asked) self checkout, CS, and asst mgrs who have no clue, act stupid, get mean.

Discusting attitude fr/ple witn no brain, no training, no care.

Happend today in Plano TX. So much for trustworthy TX or southerners!

to CAinTX #1572068

i love the way that everyone in Texas says "Cain't" instead of "Can't"

to CAinTX #1573325

Huh? What?

to Anonymous #1574030

Do What?


Did you have the Kroger card? If not then I don’t get the sale price so get over it.


Thats just another scam they have. They advertise one real low price that seems too good to be true, and then when you go to check out, it rings up at a much higher price.

If they still have the tag out saying that it is 97cents, then they need to honor that, even if it has written in microscopic print that the elderly can hardly see that they sale ends on a certain date. They should make it their priority to remove those tags when the sale is over.


Huh? What?

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