On 31 January, 2013 I filled my car's tank with Regular (87 octane) fuel at the Columbus, OH Bethel Road Kroger fuel station. Then I went on a 280 mile trip, and I found that my gasoline consumption was about 10% to 15% more.

I wonder whether your stations are dispensing "85" gasoline (15% ethanol) instead of 100% gasoline. (I hear that this is being done by others in some states.) Please advise which Kroger stations are doing that so I can avoid them.

I'm due to fill up again and I don't want to encounter this again. Thank You.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Westland, Michigan, United States #1087533

I quit buying kroger gas because it seems to be e 85 instead I buy a gift card and get 10 cents a gallon discount at shell car runs so much better hopefully with kroger excellent reputation top brass wiil get in on this and give us top tier gas

Toledo, Ohio, United States #871524

I just came from the service station (I'd filled up on Saturday--today's Wednesday) Car's been running terribly rough and was beginning to think it was going to break down -- check engine light came on with "Gas Recirculation" code. Bottom line, repair shop owner asked me if I'd filled up at Kroger lately?

Which I had, and he informed me that was my issue.

(I'd just had my car serviced with him prior to this incident). I had never heard of this before, but will be far more cautious in regards to where I fill up.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #703598

I fill up at Kroger in LaGrange KY every week because I get a big discount from my grocery purchases - recently after a fillup my car engine light came on and test showed one cylynder was miss firing - when the gas ran out I refilled and the problem went away! E85 can cause this although they don't sell e85 at that store.

Recently my son filled up his 2010 Subaru there with premium gas (he always uses only premium gas). - when his tank was low the car stopped running - Dealership said his tank had e85 gas in it which caused engine rings to burn out! I don't know how that could happen on one tank of gas that the pump said was 93 octane premium gas. Is Kroger peddling e85 as gasoline?

- if you have a car that runs on premium I would steer clear. I think they are trying to make up for their gasoline discounts from grocery purchases by putting the cheap e85 in their pumps in place of gasoline....illegally.

to snanaik a1 gmail.com #1625013

I was wondering why my car was running rough and I was getting terrible gas mileage--missing at least a gallon on a tankful--some deal! I thought, I'm I being paranoid or is Kocker watering the gas? Sure enough, you just can't be too cynical in today's world...

Cumming, Georgia, United States #625200

Why do you think they can give you the gas so cheap. You get what you pay for.

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