I have been shopping at Kroger for over 40 years. I do not want to be ask if I am trying to steal anything from the store that is on the bottom of the cart.

Management needs to get their act together and make their customers feel good about their shopping experience. Some Kroger stores have mirrors, some have scanners, and apparently none of them work, because cashiers still ask the question. Are the Kroger managers ask if they have anything in their pocket before they leave the store?

May be have the employee unload the cart. If Kroger is losing money because of theft, maybe they need to look at their own employees!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kroger Manager.

Location: West Chester Township, Ohio

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I love my Kroger's in Clarksville TN. I know just about everyone in that store.

Went to school with some. They are the best.

I pretty much know where everything is and sometime help customers when I'm in there shopping. Thank you Kroger's for everything.


Let me tell you what this it. It's called BOB Bottom of the Basket.

It is in the training handbook. Walmart also does it. And the subject of it to or the cashier next to each other can look over and ask her cashier if she has seen BOB and that would mean for her to look at the bottom of the basket. It not to make you look as if your stealing anything it to be cautions so you shouldn't feel upset when they are doing there job.

I have worked in retail for many years and I was a CSM and I would like for my cashiers to always do there job. There is also the name LISA which means LOOK INSIDE ALWAYS when a customer is buying something large and to look inside it. So don't get your panties in a wad. They are doing their job.

And of course we have many in this world that do steal so that is why it is asked. Nothing against any customer they're doing a job.

So give them a break. Thank you.


Its in the Kroger handbook to ask if there is anything in the bottom of the cart it specifically says,

"It is the responsibility of the cashier to handle every transaction in the following manner:

"1. Greet the customer

2. Ask for merchandise on the bottom of the bascart, then either...

-Remove any merchandise on the bottom of the bascart and place on the belt to be rung

-or- -Ring the merchandise on the bottom of the bascart and place a 'paid' sticker on each item."


I have had the same thing happen to me....however because I have two small children, i have to use the bottom of the cart because my little one sits in it and sometimes I need more room to put bigger items. I noticed the clerks remind me whenever I am checking out about the items on the bottom of my cart and they actually help me lift them and put them on the belt ....

THANK YOU Kroger! Where else can you shop and get great customer service like this? With two little kids I could use the help! And hey, then I know I wont forget about it, with kids it is easy to do!

It obviously happens with everyone and not just you.

Unfortuneately, there are people out there that do steal, so if it helps with theft prevention then that is great too! More than anything I appreciate the help....and I think you should too!


I love how you get mad because you think they're accusing you of stealing then accuse them a couple sentences later. :grin


If she's getting upset maybe she's guilty. LOL


*jaw drops


We're just doing what we're told by asking you that question. We are TAUGHT that many people tend to FORGET things on the bottom of their cart, and they really do. We're just trying to help. I personally dont give a rats *** if you are stealing. im not the police and im not being paid to stop theft.

Also, i cant tell you how many times i have went outside to get carts and seen full packs of soda that people straight up wen home and LEFT in their cart while unloading their groceries. you think the same thing doesn't happen during check-out?


They aren't accusing you of anything. Get over yourself.

It's company policy to ask (another commenter mentioned B.O.B.; I'm sure you've seen the green B.O.B. stickers they have at the lanes). It's not just for loss prevention, but for customer service. It's very easy to forget something on the bottom of your cart.

It's not really on your mind because the bulk of your groceries are above. We understand this. Also, if you forget about it being there at checkout, who's to say you won't forget about it when you leave, too?

If the items remained in the bottom of the cart, once the cart exits the store, anything can happen to those items, which loses money for the company.

It's also good customer service to offer help for items on the bottom, especially heavy items like cases of water or pop, large bags of pet food, etc. You don't deserve such assistance when you are an ungrateful pig who immediately thinks the worst of the helpful employees.


Look Kroger is doing you a favor replacing your groceries without question, they have no idea if you are telling the truth or lying, also what world do you live in where you leave your grociers in the store on a routine visit, if this was a problem I would stop every time I finished my purchase and ask did I get everything, if this is just an evil Kroger routine, but I loved my Kroger experience so much that I was willing to drive back to the store every visit to get items that my Kroger Cashier tried to still from me then, I would definately stop, before I left and take inventory of my bags, with the cashier, hey you may offend the cashier, but it is his/her own fault for stealing from you on a routine visit....but part of me thinks you may be absent minded and in a hurry and possibly leave before your order is finished being bagged...myself if Kroger is actualy stealing from you then I would choose another grocery store, or go thru steps to stop this problem


Congrats, you are fantastically ***. IT IS A POLICY!

YOU WANT US TO LOSE OUR JOBS?! Also, are you the same guy who complained on a different website that baggers should work things like deli and produce even though it's not not their jobs?


well jim how can you rate that kroger is a *** company to go to how do you know that unless you shop there all the time. if you don\'t like the way that you are treated at kroger then go someplace else.


Agree 100% don't like it leave and shop somewhere else. Maybe Walmart. LOL


Krogers is just being helpful by asking if something is on the bottom of your cart, here's proof. If I have a case of water on the bottom of my cart no one bothers to lift it off of the cart for me.

If I have steaks and other high priced meat on the bottom of my cart, employees scurry out of the woodwork to remove it off the bottom of my cart. Let's recap, cheap but heavy, no help. Expensive but light, plenty of help.

Gotta love those "helpful" Kroger employees. I can certainly see how that would make someone feel like they are being judged by employees as a thief.


it's a good idea that we ask you if there's is anything on the bottom of your buggy that wew can help you with, because alot of customers tell us that they are glad we ask that because they forgot about it being down there, or maybe it was too heavy for you to lift over the counter to get the cashier to scan it, and maybe you had to have another one of our employees to get it from the shelf and put iot in your buggy. that is another reason why we offer carry out services, so oiur customers won't strain theirselves lifting anything heavy out of the bottom of their buggies.

so quit your bellyaching about thinking that kroger is accusing you of stealing when all we are really doing is TRYING TO HELP YOU. and i agree with jane doe "WE ARE DEFINITELY BETTER THAN WALMART AND WE ALWAYS WILL BE"


They are supposed to believe you are not a thief based you your word alone. Why don't you like this procedure. You must have something to hide.


Dude get a life.. Stop crying like a 4 year old that they asked if you had items under your cart.

It is store policy we check that. It is to prevent theft and to make sure you didn't forget you had it down there.

So you're telling me it would be ok to steal from your store if you owned one? If so sign me up ill be right there


yeah really you took the time to complain about the cashiers asking you if yoiu had anything on the bottom of the buggy that they could help you with? so what's the big deal?

if you owned a grogery store then i bet you 10-1 that you would be be telling your cashier to do the same exact thing. ya know walmart even does this.

but we are better than walmart. :cry


I am a loyal Kroger customer for many years. We have two stores in Elizabethtown, Ky.

I frequent the Dolphin Drive store, however shop at the Towne Mall store when I'm on that end of town. I have found my problem has happened at both stores and it seems to be more frequent. I will purchase items, pay for them and they somehow never make it into my cart. Kroger is always very eager to replace the item,however it means another trip to the store with my receipt.

They actually don't ask questions or seem to care where the merchandise went.

This would seem to me to raise the cost of all items in the store. The thing that really irks me is last evening I checked my groceries as I was putting them into my car and noticed that some items were missing, so I walked back to the check out lane and was told, "Oh yeah they are over there",(over $12 in produce) never from anyone did I hear "I'm sorry for your inconvenience" At least I hadn't driven home but it seems one must watch every move and it's hard to do when you have a big shopping cart full of EXPENSIVE groceries which have already been picked off the shelf and again picked up to put on the check out.


Grocery stores lose millions of dollars each year due to theft. Try not to take it so personal.

The employees are trained and conditioned to ask this question. It's called BOB-bottom of bascart.

It's not intended to indicate a customer may be trying to sneak out of the store w/something but to catch anything on the bottom of the cart that the cashier hasn't seen and maybe the customer forgot about. Quit personalizing everything.

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