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  • 1 day ago
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I was an employee for Turkey Hill #250 buy i had to leave because of another employee,that had precerences because she is a supervisors froend plus everybody elde got pay $9.00 an hour and wad omly getting pay $8.50 that was noy fare caise i loved my job.

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  • 2 days ago
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I had a bad experience with Kroger the manager was rude and disrespectful talking about you cant get but 4 of a certain product because he see my brother at the store all the time when I drove a hour to come shopping at the store.

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I live in Ridgeville Corners Ohio, Tonight 9/23/2016 at 8PM a Kroger truck traveling east on Rt. 6 pass my family, In a 35 zone in a town at a high rate of speed. This driver is real fool. Endangering my family and others around us. I called the Ohio state patrol and reported him. The trailer plate is T457199 I also am a truck driver, and if I drove like that I would no longer have job. We used to shop Kroger, but if this is how you treat the... Read more

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Yeh, I slipped and fell in a frys. I had to go to the dr after and miss work. They said that it wasn't the stores fault, and I agree. But you guys didn't even offer to help out with my medical bills or anything. Great company you have there! It was an accident, I didn't go to a lawyer or anything. But thought maybe a multi billion dollar company might say, hey , can we at least help you out!? Read more

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My husband and I have always patronized Kroger. We recently moved from Arizona to Indiana. The Brownsburg store is a delight. Alway neat and clean and very helpful employees. We happened to be near the Kroger Store on Crawfordsville Road in Indianapolis. WOW, what a mess. The store appeared to be dirty. There were boxes and carts everywhere filled with stuff, and frequently no employee was anywhere to be seen. It was difficult to move up... Read more

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This store apparently has plenty of problems on the customer care side.... The starbucks in krogers on renee drive, carolina forest: Please suggest to the customer who used the f bomb that he should avoid using foul language to explain how his iphone functions to the barista on duty...they were both engaged in conversation on the new iphone she wore no name tag and said when a suggestion was made on how to redirect a foul mouthed customer... Read more

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From last year 2015 - I'm tracking pricing at Kroger and other loco stores. On average - pricing in Kroger are (minimum) 30% higher than loco stores. For example: black pepper McCormick price at Kroger - $ 4.99. Loco store - $ 3.49. Large ready ribs - Kroger $ 14.99 - loco store $ 9.95. Tonic water (Canadian Tonic) - Kroger very $ 1.49 / 1.69. Loco store - $. 0.99 / 1.19 Detergent prices - $ 3.00 to $ 4.45 average - are higher compering to... Read more

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Pharmacy window closed tech problem,parked in handicap front door.Sheila a cashier stands out there for her breaks I guess,left truck windows down 8 in.both sides & cup water in cupholder for my dog.Jack Russell terrior,I'm 70 yrs.old .went to elec.cart went got fly paper,dog treat,gal.milk& went thru self check,no waiting.4:01 pm.went to pharmacy, got my 3 prescriptions & exited store.Shelia was walking in & said to me,She had... Read more

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I went to the deli and asked for Boars Head Turkey. I asked to see the cut. When the deli person showed me the end I asked for a new one to be opened due to the fact the last time I got a pd at 10.99 a pd and it was cut at the end it only lasted 2 days before smelling. She indicated she could not. I spoke to the manager, Mr. Rockwell and he showed me a end piece a little bigger so I agreed on a 3/4 of a pound. As he was weighing it a 'huge'... Read more

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  • Sep 07
  • #914519

My first visit at Kroger floral with Ms Brenda was amazing. It was one of the best costumer service had received; kind, polite and good at what she does in the floral arrangements. Thank you Brenda. Mary Marchan

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