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Came in at my usual day to check for the fourth time to check if my rain check of rock star strawberry energy drink has been stock. I just happen received assistance with General manager Garry Wells (7/27/16 around 1100). He checks the tags on the shelf and tells me that they do not stock this particular flavor, but for the past 3 times I came in to check I was told that the particular flavor has not come in x3 so I keep checking, at this point... Read more

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I am glad to see the improvement of Kroger located at Hwy.85 and Bethsaida Rd. in Riverdale, Ga I live about six minutes away walking from the store, I am in the store almost every day sometimes two to three times a day. I noticed Mr. Harry how he is constant at work, making sure things are easy access, and when I seem the clean up outside it bless me so much, no more buggy scattered and turn over, he is always some where working, the... Read more

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Is the closest Kroger to my home though I also go to Norwood, Oakley, And Hyde Park. No complaints about any of those. I buy a lot of deli. Mostly Simple Truth meats and rotisserie chickens. The chickens are never ready by 10. So I went at 10:45. Still not ready. They told me to come back at 11. At 11 still no chickens. Deli workers talk to each other and ignore customers. Several noted to me, "oh you're here for a chicken" but I got no status.... Read more

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  • Jul 18
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I think kroger should let people choose there own pin numbers for there kroger fuel points because any one that knows your number can use your fuel points an i have has mine used a number of times

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I work for Kroger in Wv. When all these floods hit our region it cut off access to our store and completely wiped out part of the surrounding towns. We were told to go to other stores up to an hours drive, one way, away. If we didn't go to other stores we would lose our insurance until the next year's inrollment. Now keep in mind that most of us live in the flooded area, no homes or cars left. So you wouldn't be fired but if you don't work in... Read more

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This complaint is relative only to store 6060 FM 2920 Spring, Texas This has been our primary shopping location for several years now. We are dedicated kroger customers, but for the last several months, we have had a VERY difficult time getting my wife (who is handicapped) a means to shop there! Yesterday, 7/12/2016 was especially bad because there were zero electric carts available for her. Now, I fully understand that sometimes we will have to... Read more

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My son went to store 502 to shop for me. He was in the lettuce--complaining out loud that lettuce wasn't good and better at his store 525. Manager Ed Sutherland came over and had some words that were not professional coming from this manager. I have had lots of days shopping his store and fresh veggies were horrible. July 1st the lunch meat section still had items from June 22 still on the rack to be sold. I have wonderful experience with... Read more

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  • Jul 09
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Went to kroger's mid morning had to go around all the coffee on floor to be stocked never did get what i needed. Same thing in can aisle. Whon ever is stocking in day terrible. Had coffee with friend later goodbye kroger's going to walmart where you can shop!

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Kroger should have to wrap their deli breads instead of simply putting them out in a plastic bin that one gets out with tongs. They should have wrappers and labels with all ingredients listed on them. I bought one of these fresh breads, thinking it was more pure than sliced bread. They must've made it with Splenda or something very similar, because I am allergic to Splenda and have been staying away from it, only to eat this bread one night and... Read more

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Just left my local Kroger pharmacy, needed to pick up two prescriptions. This morning at 8:00 AM I called the pharmacy to fill two prescriptions. Joe Took my call, he had difficulty understanding me wanting to fill the prescriptions… Maybe a bad phone connection. He asked me what time I would like to pick up my prescriptions. I indicated that my day should wrap up around 3:00 PM so that is when he said they would be ready. Got off work a tad... Read more

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