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Kroger has initiated a new policy for payment for your groceries. If you have a Debit Card issued with a MasterCard Logo on it, you MUST use the PIN number to save them the Credit CArd Processing Fees even if your bank charges you for the privilege. You do not have a choice, it will not allow M/C issued Debit Cards to run as credit - EVER. When I asked what to do if I don't know my PIN, I was told to pay with another card or bring cash.... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
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Security company that works for Food4Less in Chicks Vista, CA (by Palomar Trolley Station) AND the Night store manager are working together to harass customers. Nothing was done when I complained to manager and no incident report was filed. I had to go to emergency care due to the threatening intimidation of getting me after work in parking lot.

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I was not allowed to buy Diet Pepsi that was in the store due to a inventory process. I'm am a 35 year now former customer with a family of 6, over the past year Krogers now seems to be forgetting about their employees and customers, I had developed a lot of friendships at what used to be a very friendly and helpful store. Profits now rule and I'm sorry to lose your past great service. This is my first and last complaint with your company. I did... Read more

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Im a female full time bagger that is 33 yrs old have 3 kids and has had female surgery,and im on the end with little young boys that keeps trying to hit on me and it make me so uncomfortable to have to keep telling them to stop and i im to old for them, and its a shame that kroger allow the co and the store manager to force me to become a bagger after knowing i was foce to become a bagger once a manager got mad at me for wanting to get my last... Read more

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Benton, Arkansas. Lazy co-workers abound. Management not seen enough throughout the work day. Certain person calls in about once a week, is an hour late most days And sometimes just calls saying they'll be late but then never shows. Three times in 10 days! Management doesn't care and will make hard workers pick up the slack. Insubordination and frequent absences mean nothing to bosses bc they aren't in their area enough. (Always hiding out... Read more

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Today, 08-20-16, I went to Kroger Graceland instead of going my normal day, Sunday. I like this Kroger because I never have a problem with the public or employees. Today I had a problem with an employee by the name of John Newland. I had been on a strict physician's diet from May til about the middle of July and had no previous problem getting 4 ounces of fish. Every person behind the counter before has been not only nice, but funny, until... Read more

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  • Aug 15
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The cashiers at the Kroger store where I shop They never smile or say good morning, good afternoon etc. if you try to talk to them you don't get much of an answer not friendly at all. The people out on the floor are very good but, the cashiers No! The store location is Clinton River Road and the store not the cashiers. Never enough checkouts open !

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Went to the deli to order a 8piece chicken dinner. First the girl says I need 24hrs notice, but since she was just dropping chicken she would do one. I asked for Jacks potatoe salad and coleslaw. She said she didn't have any. So I took red skin and macaroni salad. I had to ask for the dinner rolls, which she had to go get. So she gave me frozen ones. Then I noticed in another cold case there was the two salads I wanted. Then I get back to... Read more

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Some girl name Hannah at kroger on middlebelt road in garden city who happens to work at kroger was rude and very nasty witg her attitude. I had 3 cases of pepsi under my cart thinking my son had the girl scan it but i was wrong. Instead of hannah saying maam your pepsi was not scanned she had someone yell at me to go pay. Very un professional of her. All she had to do if ahe was watching was correct me that myself or my son didnt scan them. I... Read more

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After a year of putting in applications i finally got hired. Completed my training amd everything then they said they didnt want to hire me because of my back ground. I was honest up front about it!!! It didnt have anything to do with the position i was offered as a cake decorater i would have been a great asset to the kroger team and was so very excited about opportunity and it was stripped from me with with out any answers as to why.... I am... Read more

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